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Buying a Refurbished Fire Extingusher

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  • Buying a Refurbished Fire Extingusher

    Is a refurbished 10lb ABC extingusher just as good as a brand new one? I am buying from a reputable extingusher shop. It passed hydrostatic test and has been recharged but when I pick it up and turn it upside down I only hear the powder move alittle bit. Is that OK?


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    yes if you bought it from a fire extinguisher business, should be good to go.

    If they said it was just hydro tested, it should have a collar or some other marking of the date of the hydro test.

    yes you will not hear much of anything when you turn it upside down

    just check it and make sure the pressure is reading in the good on the gage

    actualy hearing the powder move is a good thing, and you should turn it upside down monthly to keep the powder loose, and from caking


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      All ABC dry chem extinguishers should be periodically shaken to keep the chem "fluid." I used to turn them upside down and give them a few whacks with a rubber mallet and then turn them around a few times.

      And what the heck is a "refurbed" extinguisher? One that has been hydrotested, recharged and re-painted?
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        Ok, yes refurbished means hydro tested, recharged and possibly repainted.


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          Actually, the dry chemical that goes into fire extinguishers nowadays is siliconized and the fire extinguishers do not need to be turned upside down and thumped with a rubber mallet anymore.
          The chemical will instantaneously fluff itself with the sudden pressure shock when a fire extinguisher discharge begins. (unless of course the powder IS bad and was contaminated with any moisture) which can happen when a fire extinguisher is hydrostatically tested if the shop didn't dry the interior of the cylinder thoroughly.

          As for a "refurb" fire extinguisher, that could mean many things, depending on the type of fire extinguisher you are talking about. Standard stored pressure dry chemical fire extinguishers may have just needed a hydrostatic test and a recharge after replacement of some parts ie; o-rings, valve stems. . .

          If the fire extinguisher you bought is a dry chemical type and is older than October of 1984, it should not have been refurbed and sold to you. The date of manufacture can be found in various locations on the extinguisher, depending on the make. NFPA 10 2011 edition mandates that all dry chemical fire extinguishers made before October 1984 are to be removed from service and replaced at there next major service interval: (6-year maintenance or hydro).
          As for repainting, the only types than can be repainted are the older CO2 types, and I've known cartridge operated types to be sandblasted and repainted as well.

          I'm sure that if the company you bought it from was reputable (as you said) and they are in fact licensed and insured, then you should be just fine.

          The bottom line is that maintenance is important. If it is for a home, I would at least get it internally inspected at the 6-year mark (from the latest hydrostatic test date) and again hydrostatically tested again in 12 years. If it is for a business, then you'll need to have it serviced/inspected annually.
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