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K9 training

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  • K9 training


    I'm interested in getting tips on training an arson dog.

    I have a 8 year old chocolat lab right nom that I trained for wildfowl myself. He's not perfect but I think I did a pretty good job based on the knowledge I had...

    I'm thinking of getting an other pup soon and I would like to sent train it for fire investigation. I'm responsibile for the investigations in my FD and I also do investigations for insurance companies.

    Any tips on how to star the pup. How do you get him to get in the game? I was thinking of putting out a number of similar containers in the yard with only one containing accelerant traces and slowly getting him to look for the sent by praising him each time he hits the right can.

    How do you K9 handlers do it? Any good books out there? We have no budget to join a training center course or something like that. It's a personel project...



    P.S. please pardon my spelling, my english is a little rusty...
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    Hunting birds is one thing. TRaining a dog to work in the field of forensic science is another. Your dog will never be accepted in court as having valid finds if you train it yourself. Big mistake.

    LEanr from the experts.



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      Actualy, I was looking at it more as a chalenge for myself as a dog trainer... If the result can help in investigations, great we'll call that gravy!

      Thanks for the link! I'll check it out for sure. Legaly speaking, how do you see the fact that I trained the dog myself a problem in court? The way I see it, the dog hits on something, you take a sample of it and it comes back positive or negative from the lab... Right? If it comes back positive, how is the fact that the indication to sample something came from a personaly trained dog relevant?




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        Because before the dog's findings will come into court, you are going to have to basically qualify as an expert witness in two areas; K9 handling and K9 training. K9 training in the forensic world is a fairly highly standardized specialty. These standards are in place in order to prevent from doing exactly what you are contemplating.

        I am not saying that you are not competent, or that you have ulterior motives. I am sure you are sincere in your desire to use an ADK9 for the common good. However, I am certain that you can see where this type of training of a canine could put incompetent dogs out there that could be used by unscrupulous persons for evil purposes.

        There are private K9 trainers. However, these people are usually former law enforcement with extensive education and experience. The last article I listed points that up big time.

        See also:


        Let me also say that I have worked side-by-side with canines and some of the best handlers in the business hundreds of times and I fully realize the value that these resources bring to a succesful investigation.


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