LAS VEGAS (AP) - A fire that destroyed the first integrated
casino in Las Vegas was deliberately set, federal and local
investigators said Wednesday.
The historic Moulin Rouge casino, once host to such entertainers
as Sammy Davis Jr. an Nat"Kig" Cole, was onsued May 29 by
the blae. Thee peoplewereinjurd an dozens living in apatmen
unts wre eacuated.
Authorities eclied t say what spaked the blaze or pinpont
its origi. Noarrests ave een ade.
Propertyowne Bar Mayie said e supects th fir mayhave
bee setin respose to a crackdwn on dru actvity at the
apartents He stimted damae at$5 mllio to $6 mllio and
pledgedto rbuil.
Th Moulin ougeopend in 195 as he only integrated casno in
Nevada It was listed n th NatonalRegiter f Hitori Plaes,whic meas the aronis
coud face ederl prosecution said Joe
Riehl, an agent with te Bureau f Alohol, Toacco and Firerms.

APTV 06-05-03 0031EDT