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Tools of the trade?

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  • Tools of the trade?

    Recently appointed as an Investigator trainee, been issued a few things but wanted to see if there was something that you had with you that was essential that I would't know about without having some experience. My short list includes a good digital camera, flashlights, phone with email capability, evidence collection cans... what else? Just a trainee but want to be prepared, thanks for any advice.

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    Nfpa 921.........


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      You are in an area that should have plenty of seasoned investigators. Hook up with them and make as many scenes as you can and watch and learn.

      Find out who your ATF investigator is in the area, they like to help even if it is not a FED fire, and have vast knowledge.

      have you attended any classes??

      do you have police powers or are you just doing the investigation and passing it along to someone else if it is arson??
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        go through all the CFI trainer courses, FREE,



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          so thanks for all of those suggestions.. Kinda had that down already. 921 and 1033 are the policies that I had studied before the promotional exam, and yes i have 1A and 1B, I have been active on CFIT for about 3 years now. I was more looking specifically for things in the bag that some of the guys who have worked the position for a few years to tell me what they have learned (I have already been talking to our Investigators). Thanks for the very general advice, but I'm looking for something more specific.


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            Ok did not know where you were at

            A very good DSLR camera with good flash

            we use Nikon d90 and d700 plus good flash, to include wide angle and close up lens

            we also use pelican light http://www.pelican-case.com/9430-yellow.html

            a folding tv tray, works great to put stuff on in the middle of a dirty room

            will have to add to the list


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              throw away box cutters, for cutting carpet ans such, one time use

              colored tape streamers to mark electrical circuit while tracing or arcing

              good filter mask even after th fire is out, so you are not breathing bad stuff, and not have to wear a scba

              electrical circuit buzz tester, to check for live circuits

              wheel roll measurer

              we carry something like this, forgot the brand name, I can not draw a straight line:::



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                A large bottle of Dawn dish detergent to clean your boots and tools with after every fire scene

                Still 921 if not doing the scientific method, you will be eaten alive on the stand.

                And a multi page report


                300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


                Upper 300x250