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    To Assumers

    I have never stated that the truck was operated in CA, we purchased it there. Please dont assume, as it makes an *** of both of us and I don't need any help in that department I am more than capable. Since when did 50,000 become HEAVY for a tandem? Said truck has 14000 steer, 19000 imtermidate, and 19000 rear = 52,000 but wait were weighing in at LESS. Yes the tank was converted to one compartment by making small holes in the center baffle so that you don't have to fill seperate compartments. It is very well baffled and the lids for sealing the compartments were removed and covered with expanded aluminum. This makes it so that you dont have to climb on top every fill to open and close lids as they will hold pressure. In the event it is over filled it just runs over, no damage. Here it is OK to spill a little water. I will work on a picture maybe that will help some understand.


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      LCFD Don't get me wrong on this, I help out a VFD in Oklahoma, and used to drive trucks. Some states don't care what a manufacturer rates it's axles at. For ex. I drove a single axle straight truck across scales in Mo. Front axle rated at 12k. Mo allows 10k. Rear axle rated at 21k. Allowed 20k. Most, and I mean most OTR tandem axle trucks, without trailer, are allowed to gross at 46,000. If you use your front 14k, int 19k, and rear 19k, by those you can have 52k. If we assume, (I'll try not to make an *** of either of us), that the trailer has two axles at 19k each., then this hypothetical truck/trailer combo could wiegh in at 90k, but at a scale house would be allowed only 80k. Something that may be different for you is if your state allows bridge weights. This would be where they allow extra weight because of X distance between the front axle and the tandem. I know fire services don't have to stop at scales, but if there happened to be an accident that DOT got involved with, there very well could be trouble.

      I'm glad that you guys have found something that works for you. My VFD is looking to get a tanker, but is limited by the bridges in the area to something under abut 1500 gal.

      Just a question. Does your state require fire apparatus be registered by GVW, just registered, or something else.



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        Sure are a lot of experts here concerning the laws in states in which they don't reside. And on design of trucks they have never seen.

        In Iowa, and I'm told in several other states, FD are exempt for dimension/weight limits that apply to commerical trucks. Iowa 20k front 34k tandem - does not apply. Max of 80k or 96k - does not apply. Max width, height, length - does not apply. FD makes their own decisions.

        Physical characteristics of bridges/culverts are of considerable interest to us. As are the characteristics of gravel roads in spring (soft).

        Some of you apparently need to shop around for your insurance a bit more. We have a good selection of decent underwriters to chose from that provide coverage and from a fair rates (approx $110/yr/truck for liab). Perhaps we just have a better record of responsible operations. And thats "home built" tankers and wildland trucks.


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          Originally posted by FWDbuff View Post
          Oh, and FYI- I have said this before, I'll say it again (you can go back and review my post history if you want- all 700+ of them....) I am not against "poor, little podunk departments." What I AM against is, the ones that think they are above the law "just because they are a fire department, and a poor one at that."
          1. Just because you are a fire department does not make it right to break the law.
          2. Just because you are a POOR fire department does not make it right to break the law.
          3. With all the free homeland security and various other free or low-cost federal grants, no one has the right to use the "poor" excuse anymore. Thats just my opinion.

          Oh, and I am also against the poor podunk departments that like to brag that "It is an old fuel truck so it was built to haul, maybe some day we will get a pup for it." Once again, I sincerely hope your drivers dont drive it like it was built to haul.

          Have a good one! Stay safe!
          1. In many states, it is not breaking the law.

          3. All that money is fine, but the vehicle grants are restricted to one vehicle. I run two pumpers, one tanker, two brush rigs, and a support
          truck, all of which could use replacement, the pumpers and tanker are SCREAMING for replacement. Newest is 1985, but wait.. I got an AFG
          grant for a vehicle.

          Now, I replace a pumper. What about the rest? On a $6,500.00 yearly
          budget. What to do?

          I will make something work. I will make it as safe as possible. I will train
          people extensively on it. I will have rules for it. They WILL be obeyed.

          You and I know about my tanker. I have made it as safe as possible. I have trained the few select drivers on it, and keep training them on it. I will make sure they have the safety equipment. I removed the siren from it, and do not allow them to turn the lights on while going down the road.

          I am in PA every other month. Visiting departments while I work. Many of the departments up there have no idea what is faced out here in the rural
          world. Thankfully many do, and they have donated equipment down here, probably the only thing that keeps us afloat.


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            Thank You

            Thank you Neiowa and LVFD301. Matt, here we register and recieve Exempt plates it could be a Vega or a lowboy with jeeps. But that doesn't mean that we are above the law. I feel for you about your bridges we only have one limited bridge and it has many bypasses.

            LVFP301 know your pain. Currently we run 64 W800 1200gl, 69 C60 1200gl, 72 IH Loadstar 4x4 1200gl, 83 C60 800gl (burn while stuck on wheathill, gotta hate 2x4 firetrucks but was rebuilt), 66 seagraves, and 83 Freightshaker 4200 gl. We also get help with surplus items a from a bigger department (Thanks Chief)

            Picture of Tender is a little small but a picture of it staging on a 2500 acre fire.
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