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  • CAFS/Nozzles/Water

    I've recently seen how many posts are developing in regards to CAFS, water loss, water pressure and what not. I created this too try to help the new companys going to CAFS get a little starter guide to the transfer. We are a fully dependant CAFS department typically, unless we are late arriving, or defensive mode, etc. Personally, i love CAFS. It adds more benefits than I have ever thought of prior to going to it. First off, your handlines are about half the weight they were before. That can sometimes be hard to get used to. Be cautious in watching your lines as best as possible, with extra chances of kinks and pushed lines, since the weight isn't there anymore. It also allows you to have less of a water source, or less water used period, than prior. The added "blanket" affect is great but can also be misleading, in the fact it can somewhat hide extension or salvage, be alert. I've seen the statement multiple times about the use of combination nozzles with CAFS. Here's my thing. Try to stay away from them if possible. When using CAFS it's very known to strip the air out of the nozzle, causing too much break up, depleting the affect of CAFS. If needed on a trash line, that seems to be acceptable, but an attack line, I'd certainly stay away. As far as the pressure goes. Your 1.75" handlines are best ran around 80 to 90 on the pump. I get the fact that your guys think, or know they can handle 120. But the more pressure doesn't always give the best results. Your nozzle pattern and group is certainly going to take a change and it seems to have downward affects on CAFS productivity. The loss with CAFS is much less due to the fact your ratio is now split in half (essentially). Try not to run your water source directly to your pump. We've found that this causes too much fluctuations in your pressures. If you have a direct tank fill, use that. Remember you have half water, half foam (again essentially) so you won't need to have such a large water source. What i like to do is have my 3 inch line already laid prior to the next engine. We've come to realize that most company's still run 5 inch, which as I stated is too much. So have the 3 inch ready for them. Try not to give your guys the full CAFS until they are literally ready to open nozzles. If you let that build and sit stagnant prior to fire attack, that line will create a sludging affect. It's definitely not good for fire attack and you will notice the impact it has on nozzle contol as well. Now with all that being said, and as we all know, no fire is the same and no operation is the same. You may have to mess with pressures once a few lines or a long stretch is needed. I hope this helped some. Stay safe

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    And when they figure a way to cut the cost of installing a CAFs system to something far more affordable I will be on board. To get it installed on our last engine would have cost us $50K that we didn't have.
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      I don't work for them


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