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Air brakes and parking in firehouse

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    Originally posted by FWDbuff View Post
    Not my mind.

    I worked for some of the most retarded officers on the face of god's green earth and this resembles some of the stupidity that I have heard- for example, the exhaust brake (C Brake) on the Pierce Engine delivered in 2004- the "hissing" sound was not an exhaust brake, it was a bad head gasket. When I inquired about it being intermittent and only occurring when the rig was decellerating, I was told "oh thats because there is no load on the engine so the head gasket is not pressed against the seals properly." We wont talk about how I pointed out that there was no smell, no high temps, no coolant missing, etc etc etc

    And when I pointed out in the specification information in the manuals that came with the rig that it was in fact a C Brake, the reply was "Where the fook is the Detroit Engine that's supposed to be in there?" (and this was a stock US Gov't Spec truck ordered from the GSA catalog....Where it clearly stated it was a Cummapart.....)

    This is the guy that I nicknamed "Stanley." Because he is as dumb as a bag of hammers.
    I'm pretty sure he has family here in Wisconsin
    We do not rise to the occasion. We fall back to our level of training.


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      Originally posted by DFDMAXX View Post
      I'm pretty sure he has family here in Wisconsin
      Was that the kind of tree without any branches?


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        Originally posted by CarlinBayCapt View Post
        I have a station captain in my district that has all vehicles in the firehouse parked with the air brakes lifted at all times and wheels are not chocked.

        I would think that this is an unsafe practice. Are there any of you out there that follow this practice? I would apprecieate your input.
        This Captain must be a old-timer. Back in the day, on some apparatus it was common that you had to wait for the air pressure to build back up before you could release the brakes. Hence the "idea" to keep the parking brake off to get out the door faster - and hoping that brake pressure would build up fast enough to release the spring brakes to start rolling and even higher once you needed to use the air brakes the first time once outside. Like chiefengineer11 stated, even if the air bled off, the spring brakes are engaged, therefore gaining no advantage at all!


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          We have parked our trucks with the park brake releases at times. When we do we place wheel checks in front and back of one rear wheel. The reason we do this is that we have had the brake shoes rust to the drums after being out in real wet conditions, rain, snow or if the humidity is high. When the shoes are rusted to the drums, you have to try and back up to release the brakes. When they do the truck will jump back and there is a big bang when they let go. This could cause damage to the brake system. We realize this is not the best but it is better than damaging the truck or backing into something. All of the operators know about the brakes released when we do this. We are a paid on call department and the trucks may not move for a week or more. The trucks will not drive over the wheel chocks easily, I have tried it. We use small wooden chocks. It depends on the weather and the truck. Our rescue is a low profile chassis and is the worse for the brakes to rust to the drums.


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            Does anyone have a recommendation for an effective dryer for air from our station compressor or better yet a link to a schematic of a typical station air system to keep apparatus air brake systems pressured up (only one of our trucks has a new air brake system) we have five pieces of apparatus with air brakes in our station.


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