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  • Fire Apparatus Inspection Sheets

    Hello fellow firemen! I was hoping to get get some ideas on an apparatus inspection sheet. I have recently been appointed Chief of our fire company and one thing I was disappointed to discover was the lack of check sheets for our equipment! I'm interested in both weekly and monthly inspection sheets. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Check the back of the both the Pumper and Aerial apparatus IFSTA driver manuals. I recall seeing check-in/maintanence sheets in them.

    My department actually went through each piece of apparatus and came up with our own form. It covers all the major components in addition to medical equipment on our ems rig.


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      in my old VFD, the rig sheets had everything from PSI readings on EACH air bottle, tire pressures, fuel levels for each piece of equipment - it was a full sheet with a gazillion things on it.....but - it was broken down too into apparatus sides (I think - been @20 years!)...as far as equipment.....

      If you don't find a ready make sheet - just take each apparatus and go compartment by compartment - good time to do an inventory too! .....


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        I worked at a combination department at one point, where they had pre-designed truck check sheets for each shift day. There was 4 trucks in the fleet, and they had devised a rotation where each truck would have a different style check on each day. They called them long and short checks. Short checks had just basic information, and the long checks broke down all the equipment.

        shift schedule was on, off, on, off, on, off, off, off, off - repeat the same (A,B,C SHIFTS)
        The rotation, if I remember correctly, was..First day back on shift -short checks on the two "big trucks", and long checks on the two "small trucks"
        Second day back on shift - long checks on the "big trucks", short checks on the "small trucks", and last day on shift would be long checks on all

        Here's a break down of everything I can remember:

        Short Check
        Fuel level
        Brake PSI
        Brake Lights
        Turn Signals/Hazards
        Emergency Lights

        this was done fairly quick and didnt even require starting the truck..now for the "long checks"

        Fuel level
        Brake PSI
        brake lights
        turn signals/hazards
        emergency lights
        oil check
        power steering fluid check
        antifreeze check
        brake fluid check
        pump operation
        k12 -fuel and operation check
        chainsaw - fuel and operation check
        ventfan - fuel and operation check
        leaf blower - fuel and operation check
        hand lights
        med bag
        scba's and spare bottles
        hand tools - make sure they are all there
        small engine fuel
        generator - operation and fluid check
        extrication equipment check
        hose appliances and tools
        tire pressures

        ..there were several others on the check list and each truck was different..mold your checks to fit your needs

        hope this gives some insight on your topic
        "First In, Last Out"


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          You have my sympathy. Reading your post it would seem you are fairly new to this dept. I think Paso had a very good idea do an inventory of every truck and compartment. What do you have?. Is it serviceable?.

          Don't forget the trucks themselves aside from everything else is it safe to be operated ? Will it pump? e.t.c. .

          It would seem you are dealing with a dept. that was possibly on life support. If this is truly the case start with the crude and rude. Get men with skills in boots and give them tools.

          NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. Winston Churchill.


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            Fellow firefighters, this is also an area in which we lack proper documentation and instead of re-creating the wheel, I figured I would check the forums and see if this was being discussed at all. I'm looking for electronic versions of apparatus inspection forms that I might be able to modify to work with our department. Any format (excel, word, ect.) would work. If anyone would be willing to loan me an electronic version of their document I would be most grateful. I could easily create one in excel but I figured I would see what was out there instead of spending all the time creating something that someone else already took time to make up. I sincerely appreicate any assistance and would like to thank you in advance.

            Could you please shoot me what you have to [email protected]

            Thank you and stay safe out there brothers.

            Charlie Heflin, Training Officer
            Patoka Fire Department, Patoka IN.


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