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Maximum age for apparatus drivers?

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  • Maximum age for apparatus drivers?

    Do any of your departments have a maximum age for apparatus drivers??

    It has been suggested in our department that members shouldn't drive after the age of 75.

    Thanks and Stay Safe,


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    Good Question

    In my vol. dept. in RI, this question has come up many times during last few months while the officers were attempting to develop an SOG to train/recerify driver/operators. Some originally proposed 65 as the max age, but it was then bumped up to accomodate a select few members of the dept. that they did not wish to insult/upset. The minimum age they use is 21, which was recommended by VFIS (insurance). I personally believe that the minimum age should be between 65-75, with re-evaluations of driving/operation for all drivers occuring every year or every other. Paid and call depts may operate differently, but for the volunteer world, we need to rely on all of the resources available in the community. Just so long as the resources are safe and dependable during their operation. It's like many other situations; there are excellent driver/operators of all ages and horrible driver/operators of all ages. As long as there is a means available to quantify their skill level and evaluate their performance.

    Stay safe.
    Jonathan Martin
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      WOW you still guys in your department that are 75 y/o! I guess if they can do the job well, then let him/her keep doing it.


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        Can you say "Age Discrimination Lawsuit"?????

        Unless the driver shows that they are a detrement and a threat to themselves or others there is nothing you can do. Does your insurance company have a limit? Probably not because they don't want to be sued either.

        You just have to work with your drivers to make sure they know their limits. Maybe you could put it in your SOG's that based upon a certain age your drivers would have to take the EVOC course every year or 2 to re-certify.

        But first check with your insurance company and your legal counsel.
        Steve Dragon
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