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What can you tell me about Toyne?

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  • What can you tell me about Toyne?

    Any input on Toyne Fire Apparatus?

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      It's a lengthy thread, but read the one entitled, "Whew, we're done, Toyne wins!" There's lots of comment there by many people.

      Also, they have a demo 75' quint that's making rounds as we write. I'm not a regular Toyne employee, but I am one of the people taking around and operating it. It's truly a nice piece, well constructed, truly good plumbing, great use of space. I don't know where you are, but it will be at a show/muster in North Aurora, Ill. this coming Saturday. Also, it will be at a show in Monroe, Wisc. shortly after.

      Stay safe out there, everyone goes home!


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        Toyne Fire Trucks

        You may want to check with the Spring Lake Park-Blaine-Mounds View Fire Department in Minnesota. They have a website, but I don't recall it right now. Do a google search and you'll find it. But they have bought a number of their engines and tankers from Toyne of Breda, IA.


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          I don't have too much experience w/Toyne other than what our group of guys found out about them down at FDIC this year. We were out for a few beers and when we walked in, there was a table full of Toyne guys. They saw our shirts and saw that we were firefighters. Once they saw that, they took it upon themselves to come over to our table, introduce themselves, and proceeded to talk about their product. They seem like very good guys that are VERY proud of the product they produce. It also seemed like they would do whatever it took to get the business. I don't remember EVERY detail about the whole situation....but I do believe that they even had the president of the company come over and introduce himself. Very good group of guys.

          Funniest part of the whole thing is that we ran into them that same night at about 3am at Steak n Shake for "hangover medication". When they saw us they came right over and started talking to us just like we'd known each other for a long time.

          The truck that they had at the show seemed pretty well put together as well.


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            I know Mike Schwabe, President of Toyne, when I first read your post, I thought, well, he might have ran into Mike having a beer or two but Steak and Shake at 3:00 am, no way. I emailed him the link to your post. Apparently he read it as he responded with the following:

            "HA, not true. We did have a bunch of guys from the plant there and they might have (probably did) end up eating at the Steak and Shake early in the morning (I heard they had fun that night) But, unfortunately Firefighter 1244 did not have a beer with me nor did we enjoy some fine dining at the Steak and Shake together. Steak and Shake isnt exactly at the top of my list of places to eat in Indianapolis. Tell Firefighter 1244 I'll be in Monroe in a couple weeks, stop by our truck spot and we will meet for real - I look forward to it Please paste this into a reply for me - I am not signed up to post on Firehouse but do enjoy readng the posts."

            Anyway - these are Mike's exact words - I just pasted them in to this post as he asked me to. Firefighter 1244, if you are in Monroe, stop by and talk with Mike - it will be worth your time. Mike, and everybody at Toyne are great people. If they werent my competitor at one time, they would be in my top 3 builders to buy from if I was buying a new rig.


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              I have seen Toyne rigs at a few shows. They build a quality truck. Their aerial supplier has had some issues here in Ohio. If you are buying a stick, check out that part of the truck carefully.
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                Hey I met your dad today... very nice well educated man!!! My view on Toyne has definitely changed! They seemed to make a great rig and definitely up and coming for options. I was impressed with a several demos I saw today.
                "I don't wanna hear about it... I wanna see results!!!":-P


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                  Originally posted by firepiper1 View Post
                  I have seen Toyne rigs at a few shows. They build a quality truck. Their aerial supplier has had some issues here in Ohio. If you are buying a stick, check out that part of the truck carefully.
                  They use RK Aerials out of Nebraska...
                  "I don't wanna hear about it... I wanna see results!!!":-P


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                    Thanks for the input!

                    Thanks for all the input on Toyne, i totally agree they will do just about anything to sell you a truck. (from what i can tell). I have read the other forum on Toyne, it is very lengthy and really doesn't cover what i needed to know. We are specing a tanker/pumper. So if anyone has a pumper or tanker they would like to talk about drop me a line at [email protected] or post here.
                    Thanks again!


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                      Our first engine out is a Toyne on a Spartan cab/chassis. We have had it in service since '96 and no major problems. It's been a good truck. We are moving it to the #2 spot with the delivery of our new pumper, but it will be there for the next 10 years.


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                        I believe Toyne uses a bolt together construction just as CustomFire out of Osceola, Wi does. My dept recently took delivery of an engine and when we speced it, Toyne was one of the builders we were going to look at. After hearing from a dept nearby that had a Toyne we decided not to call them. From what I was told, the dept put the unit in service and on the first call the engine stalled. They weren't sure why but the rep took a bit to get up to them, wouldn't return calls, and so forth. Now, I know of a different dept in the area who went with Toyne due they had the lowest bid. The engine has been in service for almost 6 months and no issues. I just can not go with the "low bid".

                        My dept has 3 (1 each of rescue, engine, tanker/tender) built by CustomFire. Custom WAS NOT the low bid but the outstanding customer service and attention to detail was fabulous. Of course it's great dealing with the factory direct too. They have also always returned phone calls and so forth. I believe Custom is finally starting to get orders for more than just the midwest.

                        Good luck!


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                          Our departement currently runs 3 Toyne units, a pumper/tanker, a rescue engine and a ladder. All three trucks are top notch. As far as problems with a pumper tanker, the only thing weve had to do is replace the brakes. It's a 2001 Spartan Gladiator MFD with 1500 gal of water, 70 gal of foam and equipment. We used it to chase the medic squad as well, so it has made quite a few runs. Truck has about 14,000 miles on it now and it still runs like a champ, especially for being that big and running that often. Unlike Pierce or other builders who build there own chassis, engine and cab issues for Toyne go back to Spartan and their warranty. I will say that any issue we've had, we have had nothing but outstanding customer service and attention to detail from both Spartan and Toyne. We are in the Des Moines,IA area and Des Moines Fire Runs Toyne Engines. They are a 20,000+ runs a year department and their trucks seem to hold up to the punishment, and thats using some ladders to chase the squads. We are not a low bid department by any means. The simple fact is, when the low bidder is building the best truck for what you need it to do, then that is just an added bonus. If Seagrave or Lafrance or E-one came in as the low bidder and you were a die hard fan of their trucks, You wouldn't choose them because they came in with the low bid?

                          Just my experiences and thoughts!!!!



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                            A neighboring department took delivery of 2 Toyne pumpers a few years back. They haven't had any problems except some small electrical problems, they seem to be good rigs.
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                              I do belive Pittsburg has a few Toynes, anyone from that area?


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