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    Yes those are pictures of two new trucks were purchased and built by Butterfield Enterprises. They are brand new and are in the process of being lettered.


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      Originally posted by OlieCan View Post
      One thing is for sure, If they want anyone to take them seriously, they might want to invest in a Web Designer. That looks like it was made by a 14 year old freshman for his Graphic Design class, 1 hour prior to the project being due.
      I would have to agree--most manfacturers don't animate their vehicles. Of course, how can I talk when my site as absolutely nothing in the way of grpahics...


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        I will let people know about their facility and vehicle in the next couple of weeks. Myself or one of my crew will checking out their facility and work in progress.



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          Good luck with the new truck, whichever way you go, make sure you have a water tight contract, and if it were to go wrong you have a leg to stand on. If you could see some of the quality we have over here, then you wouldn't have anything to complain about !


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            Slackjaw, can you drop me an email?
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              Originally posted by LVFD301 View Post
              Their corporate structure is screwy. Anyone with any business knowledge can see that.
              You're points about closely inspecting equipment their existing units, their plant, etc are well taken. Their financials likely are equally important. Resumes of the principles. That they are a new company may well be the very reason for what the poster stated as a very good price. Have to give potential customers a financial incentive for taking a "risk". Buy their way into the business.

              All startups businesses start as a new business and all have a 1st delivery. The customer makes LOTS of extra effort at in progress inspection in return for a lower cash price. A loss leader. Does the company have the financial resources to afford enough loss leaders until the are "established". They can then price to market or to cost +.

              Guy - FYI incorporation does NOT remove liability of officers from criminal or civil liability for the actions of a business. To reduce/eliminate civil liability you buy insurance as appropriate. To reduce/eliminate potential criminal liability you know what you're doing and act appropriately/responsibly. Incorp can provide some shield if not closely held (has lots of arms length investors). Today it's LLC or Sub S as most frequent new business org but more sole prop and partnerships than in the 60s/70s when Incorp was the hot tax avoidance scheme. Now incorp carries huge annual BS expenses. See Sarbanes-Oxley just for a start. Significant privatization trend in the US as a result.

              The owners of this company left their personal assets vulnerable to potential civil action. So they must believe in their product. Equally likely is that all their assets are fully committed to their business enterprise (to the bank). Again their butt is on the line.


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                Originally posted by neiowa View Post
                Guy - FYI incorporation does NOT remove liability of officers from criminal or civil liability for the actions of a business. To reduce/eliminate civil liability you buy insurance as appropriate. To reduce/eliminate potential criminal liability you know what you're doing and act appropriately/responsibly. Incorp can provide some shield if not closely held (has lots of arms length investors). Today it's LLC or Sub S as most frequent new business org but more sole prop and partnerships than in the 60s/70s when Incorp was the hot tax avoidance scheme. Now incorp carries huge annual BS expenses. See Sarbanes-Oxley just for a start. Significant privatization trend in the US as a result.

                Sarbanes-Oxley has impact on publicly traded corporations, but hardly
                any impact on a privately, or closely held corporation.

                While incorporating does not absolve the officers of liablity, it DOES provide
                a great measure of protection for the personal assets of the officers,
                espcially in a corporation that is NOT publically traded, as in a LLC or
                S corp. Insurance is understood as a vital tool for more protection.

                Basically business 101.

                You are totally correct on a startup trying to discount in order to get their product out there. As I have repeately said, they may well build a
                wonderful product. I suspect the private fire brigade business may be
                a GREAT spot to show their product off.

                I know that Mr Butterfield is reading the thread - I have been hoping he would reply, either here, or in private email.


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                  Butterfield Enterprises

                  Dear All,
                  My name is Bryan May I am the sales manager for Butterfield Enterprises. Our company has been in the emergency apparatus field for over 20 years. Our company was founded by Dale Butterfield in 1985 in California City, California as an apparatus repair service center. Mr. Butterfield shop repaired, refurbish, and manufactured emergency service and public works vehicles for California City, California as well as the airport rescue firefighting apparatus (A.R.F.F.). In 2000 Mr. Butterfield closed the service center in California City and moved to Michigan to pursue a career with Nascar (a once in a lifetime deal) after the 2004 season the Nascar team was disband and in late 2004 Mr. Butterfield decided to reopen the repair center and get more in to the manufacturer field of emergency apparatus. Currently we are renting a shop in New Hudson Mi. (Not an Apartment as stated) that’s Mr. Butterfield’s current residence and our mailing address. Our shop is located at 29201 Trident Industrial Blvd (we are current leasing from Phoenix Trailer & Body Co. and are looking to move into a larger shop in the next few months and are ready to start construction on our new building that is going to take approximately eight months or longer and we are just wanting for the Cities paperwork to be completed (everyone know how long that can take), As for our Pennsylvania Office ( that I currently operate) yes it is ran from my home for the present time. I was hired at Butterfield Enterprises in 2004 as a sales representative and then in 2005 and just like any new company NO ONE knew of us due to reopening Butterfield Enterprises in 2004. We have started from the ground floor and are working our way up that is not an easy task since the big boy got the industry locked down. I have worked for the big boys as well. I was a sales representative for Seagrave in Western Pennsylvania from 1999-2001 and I work for HME inc. from 2000-2004. Mr. Butterfield offered a better benefit package then HME did so here we are today. Mr. Butterfield has decided to open and is currently looking to locate in building to house our light duty apparatus manufacturing shop in Pennsylvania. Our company has the working capital to operate a fully functional business. Now in reply to all your comments
                  1. We are in the process of incorporating in Michigan and Pennsylvania.
                  2. If you are not overly familiar and most people aren’t either contact us or go visit our Mi Shop anytime. Just contact us and let us know when you’re coming. Just like Anthony (firehouse s/n gdsqdcr) did there is no problem for you to come and visit our shop either of them even know the Pennsylvania shop is not fully up and running (should be by march) your more the welcome to come and visit us.
                  3. If you are interested in getting a quote to purchase a piece of apparatus from us we encourage you to come visit our shop to see our apparatus prior to apparatus being painted. Paint hides as stated to Anthony (firehouse s/n gdsqdcr) his company was looking to purchase a rescue truck from us.
                  4. Our Michigan shop is approximately 20,000 square feet. And our new one is going to be 75,000 square feet.
                  5. Just to list a few of our vendors they include WS Darley, Whelen, Public Safety Specialists, insta-chains and more.
                  6. We use all name brand part from: Akron Brass, Elkhart, Darley, Whelen, Vertex, Kenwood, Amdor roll up doors, Pro-poly and Duro-poly to name a few
                  7. We use chassis from Chevy, Ford, International, Sterling, Spartan, Just to list a few there as well.
                  8. As far as the comment made about manufacturers utilizing more then one pump supplier. Mr. Jim Darley has helped us tremendously from day one And we have not attended any of the others (hale, waterous) pump schools for manufacturers as of yet we are going to attend and until we do and quite honestly don’t want to install them till we have had the proper training. We are still going to use Darley as our #1 pump supplier but can get what the customers wants.
                  9. Warranty work we will set-up a contract with a local service centers in your area that you have work with in the past and know. Not some repair shop that just opened yesterday. These are a life saving pieces apparatus that is nothing to fool with. We will set-up a contract with a company YOU trust.
                  10. Our apparatus offers a lifetime warranty on our apparatus body.
                  11. Our apparatus pricing will NOT anytime in the near future on our labor part, Suppliers rise there prices we don’t have a choice too.
                  12. The goal of Butterfield Enterprises is to provide the most cost effective and the same great quantity as the big boy’s apparatus on the market and the best part about our company all apparatus is custom built to your needs. Not like some manufacturers that charge 75.00 hourly to engineer their computer system to manufacturer your custom apparatus. Our apparatus is all hand cut to ensure our customers that they need it we’ll build it
                  13. We encourage all our emergency service to come to out shop and visit with us face to face. If your department is the market and you would like to visit with us and decide to purchase your apparatus from Butterfield Enterprises we will reimburse your company 100% for the cost of your trip to our manufacturing plant and you can say that for the most of the others if any.
                  14. As far as our business structure it is not screwy, We have a well thought out business plan if we didn’t I don’t think major bank (National City Bank) would not be funding the purchase of our new manufacturing plant. The new structure is going to cost over $850,000 dollars just for the building that’s not including the land. So you take it from there. With Mr. Butterfield investing over a $1,000,000 dollars just for a building you can ensure yourself that Butterfield Enterprises will be around for many years to come.
                  15. Thanks to all for the positive comments and to the rest this should make you re-evaluate your comments about Butterfield Enterprises.

                  This should put a end to most of your questions if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me ANY time. I have enclosed my contact information below please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments and/or to get a quote or make a purchase from us. I am looking forward to speaking to you in the near future please let me know when you would like to visit our shops.

                  Bryan May
                  Office 724-684-6129
                  Cell Phone 724-797-5884
                  Email [email protected]


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                    Very good post. I for one was not trying to be negative, but only looking at it in a common sense mode. Hopefully you can do wonderful things.

                    Perhaps I can get by and we can have a cup of coffee together soon next time I am up there.

                    Have a great day!


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                      I understand, Let me know when you coming and we'll even have some doughnuts LOL. You’re more then welcome to come by anytime just call and let us know when your coming.


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                        I Want Some Doughnuts Too!!!


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                          Sales Rep

                          There is person under firehouse s/n RESCUE 2400 that is trying to Representative our company that 100% has not a thing to do with our company. If anyone has been emailed by this person claiming to be a sales representative for Butterfield Enterprises it is not correct. I am the national sale manager and we have done some research through our paper work and found NO paperwork for this person or his company. I would like to Thank the one person so far that has contact us about this matter. Thanks and sorry i should have look closer to all the comments before posting that book before this that was my fault that i didn't i only went by what i have been told by the owners and other employees and didn't read all of them agin that was my fault. The apparatus pictures are from our website that have been used and are pictures of one of our vendors trucks. if you need a any of our company's contact numbers there are all listed on our website at the link provided below. Sorry for any problems that this might have caused and again rescue 2400 is not a employee of butterfield enterprises. The owners of our company are looking in to the matter closer it is not over and will be taken care of very soon. Again sorry for any problems that this caused. Please don't make this come back on Butterfield Enterpreises our company had not a thing to do with this matter. Thank you Jason for bringing this to my attention.

                          Bryan May
                          Butterfield Enterprises
                          Sales Manager



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                            Just returned from a visit at the Butterfield shop.

                            I must say that I was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the units that we saw. We were able to see a pumper, nearing completion and a brush truck. Both were impressive units, quality wise. All box material was 18 gauge, the welds were smooth and very solid.

                            We are going to check out one more company (wants alot more than we Butterfield has quoted us), and then we make our final decision in the next 2-3 weeks.

                            I will keep anyone interested informed, and once the rig is complete, I will post some pictures for all to see.


                            On a side note, the lettering was impressive as well.


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                              Thanks for you visit and the comments you posted about our company. We were more the pleased to have you and your company visit our pennsylvania location and are looking forward to the build of your apparatus and working with your company. Thanks again and I am looking forward to speaking to you soon !!!!!!!!

                              Bryan May
                              Butterfield Enterprises


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                                An interesting read.....



                                300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


                                Upper 300x250