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Foam pro versus Husky

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  • Foam pro versus Husky

    Trying to decipher some bid responses. Which do you think is a better unit. Why? Specifics, please!

    Foampro uses an electric motor for the proportioning system,
    says it can proportion .1% to 3% in .1% increments.

    The pump has a .01 to 2.6 GPM with operating pressures to 400PSI

    It includes a seperate refull system with a 12 volt pump to fill the foam

    Husky uses an hydraulic motor for the proportioning system, says
    it can proportion .1% to 9.9% in .1% increments.

    The pump has (as best as I can decipher) a 12 GPM flow?

    I believe it also has the refill system.

    I mindlessly wonder also... Is not .1 to 3% pretty standard? How often, and in what situations would you need to go to 9.9%?

    What will maintenance be in 10 years? Will the hydraulic be better, even
    though the electric would not require as much routine maintenance?

    Does it matter that it is speced to run 3 1 3/4 lines in a cafs system?

    (now, look for the CAFS post...)

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    Husky 12

    The Husky 12 is more comprable to the FoamPro 3012 than the 2001 or 2002. We chose to go with the Husky 10 (it was 10 at the time, its now 12) because Pierce was going to charge us the same for the FoamPro 2002 or the Husky 10. The Husky has some real advantages. The amp draw is next to nothing compared to 30-50 amps for the Foam Pro system. I believe the only rutine maintence is to change out the hydraulic fluid.

    The Husky system is more versatile. We run ours as a class A system with a 30 Gallon foam tank. We use the system to draft class B from foam cans. It works really well. Around here its mostly 3/6% ATC AFFF. If we're running at 6%, the 2001 is not going to cut it.

    Foam Pro builds as far as I can tell the same system, the 3012. The reason to go with the Husky is simply the bang for the buck. This of course assumes its on a Pierce. If not the Foam Pro seems the way to go.

    If you're only planning on using the system to run 3- 1 3/4 lines with cafs the advantage for the Husky would be the amp draw.


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      Where do they get the hydraulic power from?



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        Originally posted by BirkenVogt
        Where do they get the hydraulic power from?

        As far as the Husky 12 system, the 12 GPM flow is referencing the pickup of foam, not the water/foam mixture at the nozzle. The system can support flows at the nozzle of 1000 GPM @ at up to 1%, 400 GPM @ 3% and 200 GPM at 6%.

        The reason for the wide % range on the Husky is, as saylesvillefd35 stated, because you can easily set the system up for a dual A/B system, or B alone, which might well require an application of 6%. Many depts spec their system with dual foam tanks, one for each type.

        As far as maintenance on the Husky system, it would be no different then any PTO-hydraulic pump, such as an aerial system or hydraulic generator. Check and change the fluid at recommended intervals and you'll get a lifetime of service out of it.


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          LVFD, Are you running Class A and B, or just A?


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            Just A on the truck, we can use B by adding an eductor at the pump output, wiht a pickup into a bucket.

            A is the only thing we have built in.


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              Originally posted by LVFD301
              Just A on the truck, we can use B by adding an eductor at the pump output, wiht a pickup into a bucket.

              A is the only thing we have built in.
              Ok - that's a good choice. Only reason I asked was in case you were going to be using AR-AFFF with the system - which would point you towards the Husky (or a Foam Pro 3012).

              Both systems should work fine for class A. Both will have their maintenance issues, but they are both good systems. The Waterous Advantus seems to be a promising system as well.


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                Cant say I have run the Husky systems to make a comment on it – What I have done is run the foam-pro 3012 next to the 2002 – Comes down to hydraulic V/S electrical power. While agree the amp draw issue is important we had lots of trouble with the hydraulic driven 3012.

                The pump pumps fine, the issue is that when the hydraulically driven pump comes on line its high output and then slows down to meet your needed foam flow. We were using it on a CAFS truck and went through a ton of foam. If you get into any kind of situation where your lines are open for extended periods of time its fine. On again off again will result in higher foam concentrate usage. When I spoke with foam pro they describe it as the pump settles into its lower flows.

                Don’t know if the Pierce unit is the same way – but it might be worth asking.


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