We are presently operating an ex FDNY 1988 Mack pumper that was shop number MP8810, which operated as Engine 24 in Manhattan until 2000, then was placed in the reserve fleet as Engine 509, and we believe was assigned to a company in Queens after 9/11 for a time until a replacement apparatus was procured. We purchased it at auction in 2003, painted the apparatus, inspected and performed pm's on it and she runs and starts every time we need her. It passed its pump test better with no problems and other than a few battle scars we left on the body, and the holes from its FDNY graphics and equipment,she performs as a rescue pumper test truck before we spend big bucks on her replacement with a 2006 Pierce rescue pumper due in Dec 2006. Anyone else using a battle wagon like her out there from FDNY??

a picture is on the www.FDNYTRUCKS.com website under other states
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