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    Our department is inthe process of specing out new engine and we have talked with all the major comapnies so far. In fact, E-one who we bought our rescue-pumper from has not returned any information for 2 months, Peirce has a decent vehicle we are looking at, as does Seagrave.

    We also have had 4Guys come in and give their shpill on their vehicles. From what we have seen and talked with their rep about it seems to be a decent piece of apparatus. Has anyone dealt with them and can you go us the skinny on them.

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    4 Guys

    My FD currently has an Engine in Production with 4 Guys. There have been a few minor bumps in the road, but for the most part things have gone well and both our local reps and the people at the factory have been great to work with. This s from a Department that's been a long tme Saulsbury customer and is just a few miles from the plant. To hear some of our members talk 4 Guys is A LOT like the 'old Saulsbury's', meaning back when they actually cared about ALL their customers, not just the 'big buyers'.
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      Never heard of the 4Guys. Just personal opinion here but my department has decided to start standardizing our fleet with Pierce (we have quite a few now). We presently have a few ALF's and we've had many problems with them. They also have lacked in customer service by the manufacturer after sale. My opinion is that ALF hasn't been worth a damn since Diamler/Chrysler bought them out. Know very little about Seagrave now except that I heard through the grapevine that ALF is buying them out (maybe true, maybe not). As far as Pierce goes, I love em, great rigs with very few problems and excellent service from the manufacturer. Love the TAK4 front suspension system on their engines. Again I've never heard of the 4 Guys.
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        I've heard they build quality apparatus. When we sent out the bids for our Mini-Pumper, I made sure we sent one to them, but they did not submit a bid. They only reason they said they didn't was because they only build using stainless steel (I believe) and our initial spec was for aluminum. When we re spec'd the truck due to lack of bids and high bids, we changed the aluminum or something comparable (not sure on exact wording) and they still never submitted a bid. But, like I said, from what I heard they do build good trucks
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          We have two trucks built by 4 guys. We are very happy with them. We have had some minor problems with them but they have just told us to get it fixed locally and send them the bill. They make a very high quality truck and very willing to discuss options with you.

          We have a engine and tanker built by them like I said nothing major. The engine is a 1989 built on a ford chasis and the tanker is a 97? built on an International 4900 chasis. We even took our tanker back to them and had them install the dump valve on the back. When we get ready to order another truck they will be the first door we knock on.

          You can see them both in the fleet picture of our website. I do not have the indvidual trucks on there yet but will in the next week or so. Our web page can be found at http://departments.firehouse.com/dept/Maybee3MI

          I would recommend them to anybody interested in a quality truck that does not want to pay for a name.
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            In my experience with 4-Guys Manufacturing, they have been awesome! We have a 1996 4-Guys International, and it has been one solid apparatus. It's been back to Meyersdale, PA only twice for cosmetic instances. We've had no problems with leaky compartments, electrical or pump failure, and the body has stood up to the test of a volunteer fire department. I've little experience with E-One, but when compared with the two Pierce Internationals we now own, there is none. The 4-Guys truck takes the cake on our apparatus floor. It's understandable to be leery when purchasing from an unfamiliar appartaus manufacturer, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed.


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              Thanks folks for the info. The more we have talked to the rep and have seen some of their work the more impressed we are at the quality of their work. The neat thing is that they will build the fire body how you want it which unlike the major players is different because they only have 3-4 bodies to select from in specific catagories of apparatus. These guys seem to be moving right along in making the effort to give you what you want instead of making you choose between the 3-4 bodies.

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