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    Ok I have read alot of the prior post on CAFS. We are looking at putting a system on our new engine. We are a Dept that runs 400 or so calls a year with about 5 - 10 working fires.
    I have read alot about CAFS. I understand how it works. My concern with putting it on the new truck is the training. As with everyone else our guys are asked to do alot of training already. I was wondering what kind of training have you guys implemented with your CAFS system? How has it change your training for pump operators? How has it changed your training for FF's? Thanks guys.
    B Holmes

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    Hi bkholmes,

    Our department did initial training as group. The initial training was purchased from Pneumax when we bought our Pneumax CAFSystem. Now 3 days of initial training is included with the purchase of a Waterous/Pneumax system or with the purchase of their PTO CAFSystem. This training is at your station when the apparatus is delivered and consists of "what" Class "A" foam is and "how" it works. It also includes operational and maintenance procedures on the CAFSystem, including the foam proportioner. Hands on operational instuction is also part of the training.

    "I was wondering what kind of training have you guys implemented with your CAFS system?"
    Since the initial training we do an annual Class "A" foam and operation refresher. It is about 1.5 hours.

    "How has it change your training for pump operators?"
    Pump Operators weekly review the CAFS procedures when they do their pump checks. They still do pump operator training. Remember CAFS is built onto a standard fire pump, so once you understand pump operations, the move to CAFS is just a small step.

    "How has it changed your training for FF's?"
    As far firefighting training, we practice streams and tactics with CAFS as we used to with plain water. Not really additional training just different methods/tactics of fire extinguishment.

    CAFS has not increased our training load by much because basically you are still training with water. With CAFS as with anything else if you don't use it you lose it.

    Hope this helps.

    Be Safe,

    Capt. Lou
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