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  • G-Force Ratings?

    Does anyone know what the G-Force rating is supposed to be for seats in a fire apparatus? Might anyone know where that information might be found. Is it an OSHA, NFPA, NAPD rating? I don't think the seats or airpaks in a couple of new apparatus that we just received meet the standard that I heard of, which is 9 g's. That sounds sort of extreme but I could be wrong.

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    The following is an excerpt from an article entitled: Safety upgrades for older apparatus By Chris Cavette - found in the "In Service Extra" section of FireChief.com. The entire article can be viewed here: http://inserviceextra.firechief.com/...pgrades_older/

    scba mounting in the cab (Section 12.1-6). scba units mounted in the cab or crew compartment must be secured in a bracket capable of sustaining a 9-g force.

    Don't let your scba tanks become missiles in case of a sudden stop or accident. This requirement covers all scba in the cab or crew compartment, whether they're recessed in seat backs or carried in separate mounting brackets. It also covers spare bottles. Several companies make nfpa-compliant brackets. As an alternative, you may want to consider moving the scba out of the cab and into an outside cabinet.

    Equipment mounting in the cab (Section 12-1.7). Equipment mounted in the cab or crew compartment must be securely fastened in brackets or enclosed compartments capable of keeping the equipment in place under a 9-g force on the vehicle's longitudinal (fore-aft) axis and a 3-g force in any other direction. Equipment not required for emergency response should be mounted in outside compartments.

    Forcible-entry tools, ems boxes, ice chests and other items normally carried in the cab and crew compartment can fly around and cause injuries in case of a sudden stop or accident. All items should be securely fastened or moved to an outside compartment. Some tool mounting brackets meet the new standard, while others do not, so ask before you buy.

    FYI - the section references are comnig from NFPA 1901 1999 Edition.
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