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Houston CAFS problems?

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    Originally posted by cfire3 View Post
    Knowledge is power.
    You are absolutely correct. Which is why I prefer NOT to obtain and exchange it with someone who delivers it with the subtlety of a sledgehammer and in a less brutally condescending manner.

    Hey quick question- I can't find CAFSCO's website anymore? Did they go tits-up or something?
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      Please keep in mind that not all CAFS instructors are aware of the best ways to use the CAFS. And Yes I had to put CAFSCO on the shelf a few years ago because of breathing so much John Wayne smoke (interior attack) that I got a big dose of colon cancer. I'm no longer building or selling any CAFS trucks or equipment. I do get on a landfill fire or coal mine fire once in a while. The Nitrogen CAFS Foam is another good tool that hardly anyone understands or uses. I recommend being careful of some of the CAFS instructors, there are a few good ones, but many bad ones. If they tell you to set the concentrate at .3% or water more than 50 gpm, except for very limited applications, or less than 100 psi, then beware, you may have a bad one.
      Mark Cummins


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        Just got a new engine this past summer....CAFS was removed due to cost of $35k. Also talked to the few local departments that had CAFS and was not thrilled about the maintenance they had to go through with the units to keep them functioning up to specs. I have not heard of any Nitrogen operated ones prior to the post above. Fairly often we use ocean and/or salty bay water on our's still free.
        "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?


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          Off Topic? hmmm Houston has more CAFS problems than I thought.
          Mark Cummins


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            I know this is an old thread, but just to clear up something that was suggested by another post:

            A CAF flow of 20 GPM and 185 CFM of air is not a proper fire flow for an interior attack. Foam made that dry is best used for exposure protection. At those flow rates your finished product will also be so light when exiting the nozzle that you will have relatively poor stream reach and penetration. While this may be adequate for smaller fires and rooms or buildings with very little fuel load present, an average American home has far too much fuel present to make such a low flow rate acceptable for interior structural attack.
            Just a guy...

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