Little background here. We have 2 Spartan Chassis, 1 a 2017 and 1 a 2019 both with the 450HP Cummins. Earlier this year we started noticing a coolant smell after returning from runs and a loss of coolant. While having it serviced our mechanic pressured tested the coolant system and could see where coolant had been leaking around the EGR cooler. The truck was then sent to a Cummins dealer for warranty repair and new EGR cooler. Our 2019 Cummins is now doing the same thing and at the Cummins dealer getting the same replaced. We went through 1 1/2 gallon of coolant in a month and a half on this truck. Just the other night after returning from a call the 2017 has the coolant smell again. I've spoken to another department with the same motor and they are having the same issue with coolant loss.

Is anyone else experiencing this coolant issue with their Cummins motor? We are going to get the service writer at the Cummins dealer to get Cummins involved because this doesn't seem right.