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New Pumper - Pump options

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    Originally posted by Woodbridge View Post
    Rear Mount Pumper safety concerns, many departments are going with a top mount pump these days because of having a pump operator standing behind a apparatus on a major road, or highway. To many people driving and looking down at there cell phones. crashing into fire trucks, police cars, EMT's, we had one here in New Jersey two weeks ago, highway was shut down for 5 hours, thankfully no one was killed. A top mount pump panel can increase the O.A.L. by about 3 feet or more !
    I don't buy that a top mount is safer for anyone. If you're getting hit at 65 mph, your unrestrained top mount operator is just as screwed as the guy standing on the pavement who if he's watching traffic has a chance to run. Our rear mount panels are on the rear officer side of the rig, giving the operator a great vantage point to look for traffic. Thankfully we don't operate a ton on high speed roads, so maybe I'm not as paranoid.

    I'd be willing to bet that workers comp claims for falls or sprains related to climbing to and down from a top mount panel exceed those from someone being hit operating a side or rear mount panel...

    Everyone has their reasons for each, but top mount pumps breed complacency in many places. The operator feels compelled to park his *** on the panel and survey the scene and do nothing else. Our pump operators are expected to get a supply line if they're able (hydrant close), to stretch a back up line, pull RIT equipment, maybe even ladder a second story. Being on the ground with a side or rear mount, keeps them from having to climb up and down.

    We have two top mounts left. They're nice rigs but what we give up in length to have them, plus my concerns above, mean they're a dying breed for us.
    "Share your knowledge - it's a way to achieve immortality." - Stolen from Chase Sargent's Buddy to Boss program


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      Was your old pumper that you sold a Rosenbauer Timberwolf , I remember seeing photo's of that rig, it was a nice apparatus !


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        Originally posted by Woodbridge View Post
        Was your old pumper that you sold a Rosenbauer Timberwolf , I remember seeing photo's of that rig, it was a nice apparatus !
        Yes. Really good trouble free rig but everything we bought it for more or less is longer in our district. So what was a great urban interface rig became essentially a not so great suburban pumper, not from a reliability standpoint but an operational one.
        "Share your knowledge - it's a way to achieve immortality." - Stolen from Chase Sargent's Buddy to Boss program


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          Originally posted by Woodbridge View Post
          We have a new 2019 Puc, so far no problems, also our 2016 mid mount sigal stage 1500 Waterous has had a new deck gun valve replaced all ready with very low pumping hours, maybe due to rust or hard water not sealing properly. The Hale 1500 Gpm Qmax on our old engine was the best, never a problem !
          The Hale 1500 Gpm Qmax's are built tough indeed. While the local mechanic delivered the parts such as headache rack, truxedo tonneau covers and brake kit of the chief's truck, we let him inspect the Qmax and he's impressed the condition despite the age.


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