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Plastic Bodies

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  • Plastic Bodies

    Does anyone know if many US manufacturers are building apparatus with non metal bodies?

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    Darley has poly body apparatus.

    I have no personal experience with their poly bodies. I just remember the salesman telling us they sold them. We bought stainless steel.
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      Darley markets their poly body line pretty hard, and I'm fairly sure is the only body style they offer now.

      Other companies will build plastic bodies, especially a little smaller. UPF does entire bodies for other companies, I looked at a very nice looking UPF poly body for a mini pumper sort of thing at FDIC last year that Spencer was finishing for a customer. UPF is also now doing lots of heavy duty wrecker bodies out of poly.

      Just google poly fire apparatus bodies, you'll see lots doing them.

      US Tanker, Alexis and Midwest are/were all doing tankers almost entirely out of poly. Midwest is doing a bunch of their tankers totally out of poly now.

      Saulsbury tried to get the Plastisol line up and running in the US. Pretty sure that's a dead endeavor.
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        When we bought our HME in 2005 Darley was one of the companies we had in to pitch their engine to us. The salesman pushed both poly bodies and CAFs VERY hard. To the point that he bluntly told us if we didn't buy a poly body we were buying old technology and if we didn't get CAFs were were doing unnecessary damage at every fire and fighting fires with obsolete tactics.

        I know for a fact that I wasn't the only committee member turned off by a salesman insulting us during their sales pitch.
        Crazy, but that's how it goes
        Millions of people living as foes
        Maybe it's not too late
        To learn how to love, and forget how to hate


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          Originally posted by markyc View Post
          Does anyone know if many US manufacturers are building apparatus with non metal bodies?
          What kind of rig are you looking for? There are a couple of different builders making non-metal bodies for brush trucks, light rescues, etc.
          Just a guy...

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            I don't know of any other brands other than what's already listed.

            The poly body is intriguing. It's a fairly indestructible material, within reason, and can we repaired if damaged. The painting process is a little different but when it's done you can't tell the difference. I've been told that when in direct sun for an extended time on a really hot day the body expands some and the doors may have a slight gap but that goes away once it's in the shade and it goes back to original. The fire service has been using poly tanks for at least 30 years now and that has worked well.

            Happened to see that Midwest Fire is now starting to build engines as well. We've got a 3,000 gallon tanker on order from them. I know a neighboring departments has had one of their tankers for a few years and really like it. We're hoping to just re-chassis the tanker in 25 or 30 years so we'll see what happens.

            One of our Assistant Chiefs is really interested in the possibility of getting a FMTV 5 ton through the Forest Service to use as an oversized grass rig. Last year on vacation was reading Fire Apparatus and saw adds for two companies that built poly bodies. One never returned a phone call or e-mail but PolyBilt did. Spoke to the rep and explained that we were considering using the apparatus as a grass rig and light rescue. (Side note, we have a grass rig set up like this now and it doesn't work well due to wheel base and weight. While the length would be similar, adding a couple hundred pounds on this chassis for rescue equipment wouldn't make much difference to a 5 ton chassis with 6 large tires and 750 gallons of water so it wouldn't sink as bad.) She recommended a Badger flatbed body style so I gave her specs and got a price to give the Assistant Chief. Being poly it would be tough to damage and we could just move the the body from chassis to chassis. There hasn't been a decision made on getting the chassis but it was informative to research what all the body builder could offer in terms of options, lighting and everything they could offer. We could have them make it, have it mounted, wiring connected (24V) for body illumination and warning, add the pump with plumbing and be ready to go. If someone was looking to build their own it could be a real benefit. Keep in mind I would strongly encourage those attempting to build their own to be mindful of NFPA and manufactures recommendations.

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