It's time to get in position. With large department like CoCo County getting 3% @ 50 retirement, large numbers will be taking advantage of this retirement. Even those who say they are not going to retire yet change their minds when they put a calculator to the numbers. Once recent firefighter/Engineer said he wouldn't go yet until he was shown he would be working for $35.00 a month. He immediately said, get me those retirement papers.

So, it's up to you to be in position to take the upcoming tests. Get to any test you can. You never know what is going to happen.

Since the written and physical ability are pass/fail, 100% of the score to get a badge is in the oral board. This is where you go for all the marbles. After being on over 100 oral boards, I have seen candidates with great credentials. Yet, they couldn't present the package. And, if you can't present the package, you will never, never, ever see a badge! Our candidates are improving their interview scores up to 15 points and nailing that Badge.

Skeptical? Sure. This just in on just how fast it can turn around:

Capt. Bob:

I used your Audio/Visual Pack. With the advice you provided, I just passed my first ever oral board. I am psyched! I'm off to the chiefs interview next week.

I have several buddies who have been testing for years and have never made it this far. Boy are they going to be surprised. I will let them use the tapes only after I get my badge. George

"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"