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    Mock Orals:

    Everyone becomes an expert on oral boards after they have been hired.
    Have you noticed? That is why I am concerned about candidates doing
    mock orals. Before considering a mock oral you need to be asking how
    many oral boards they have been on? Have they been on an oral board for
    their or another department? How long since they have been on an oral
    board? Many people are not in touch with the process today.

    We got the village idiot hired. Yep, that is right. When this guy was
    out of town, the village did not have an idiot. Dan was a volunteer
    going for this third attempt of being a paid firefighter for this
    department. He told us if someone called and said there was a fire near
    the pig barn, he knew where that was; even though the pig barn is not
    there anymore. This is what we started with. After getting our program
    and doing not one, but two coaching sessions, holding him together with
    crazy clue going into the chiefs oral, guess what? Dan gets a badge.

    The following week, Dan posts a message on a firefighter bulletin board
    that he would help you with your oral boards. The village idiot became
    the expert over night. He got 32 e-mails asking for help.

    There is a fire science instructor that gives classes on oral boards.
    He hammers his students with his theatrical style of how to present
    yourself at an oral board. He is the training officer for his
    department. He takes all requests for officers to set on other
    departments oral boards. Funny thing, when a department asks for someone
    to sit on their oral board, he's the only one who ever goes. When
    candidates who have taken his class come into an oral board and find him
    there, they cringe. They know if they do not do it his way, which is
    foreign to them, he will give them a bad score.

    I know people who give mock orals and they never had to do an oral to
    get on their department and have never sat on an oral board. How does
    this work?

    Yes, mock orals are good exposure and they get you used to sitting in an
    oral board setting. But, use caution by what they tell you. It's very
    easy to be made into a clone candidate in the process. You see, your
    buddies can't tell you how bad you really are. Could you? Rob and I
    will because you want to get value for the investment in your career and
    we want to see you get that badge.

    If we can get the village idiot hired, surely we can help you.

    Rob is our Firefighter Son. You can e-mail Rob any questions @ [email protected]


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