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    Question Captain Bob:

    I obtained your audio/video program and did private coaching with you. At the end of the coaching session you told me if I was conditionally offered a job that included a psychological test to contact you immediately. I was the one at the San Jose test who told you I had two job offers.

    One of the tests was a large department in the central valley. When they offered the job conditional on passing the medical, which included a psyche test, I thought no big deal. Things were going great. I passed the medical then got the shock of my life. I received a letter stating I had been eliminated from hiring because of the psychological test.

    My problem is my next psychological test is in two days at another large department in the Bay Area. I don't know what I did wrong in the first psyche test and I'm paranoid about failing another one. You had been right about everything up to the psyche test. I guess I should have known when "Captain Bob" says contact me first, to do it. Your advice please. Ron


    The psyche test is eliminating 40% of firefighter candidates. We spent over a year researching the problem because so many candidates like yourself have been devastated after working years to get this job and then being eliminated at the last hiring phase. We have put this information into our "Special Report on Conquer the Psychological Interview".

    The problem is you can't find out why you failed. They say you didn't meet the profile. Then, they won't tell you the profile. If you don't know what happened you likely to repeat the same mistakes. We have worked with candidates who have failed (didn't meet the profile) four or more tests. After reading our report, they pass their next psyche.

    One of the big problems candidates make is they tell the psychologist anything he wants to know. BIG ERROR!

    I'm e-mailing you our "Special Report" so you will have enough time to be ready for that next interview in two days. Let me know how you do.

    Testimony from Scott:

    I took over thirty tests to get hired. At 32 years old, I thought I was getting too old to be hired. Three days before I was to take my next oral, I found "Captain Bob's" program. In just those few days I was able to make changes in my presentation to get the best score I'd ever had on an oral.

    I received information to go forward in the hiring process. Things moved pretty fast after that. "Captain Bob" cautioned me to slow down and take the process one step at a time. He was there to take my calls when I got crazy.

    He was right on every step of the process. I had already failed three psyche tests. I knew what I was doing wrong once I read the Special Report. I went in better prepared. I passed!

    I'm now working for a big, huge, awesome Class One Fire Department, riding one of the busiest engines in the nation.

    It doesn't get much better than this!

    You can test drive our "Psychological Special Report" on our web site by clicking here:

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    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    "Captain Bob"

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