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    It's all in the four inches between your ears.


    Captain Bob, First of all, I have greatly benefited from your oral interview package (Tapes and Video). Thank You. Secondly, around two years ago I worked as a paramedic for AMR for 6 months. While working, I was unable to continue with my college degree (scheduling problems). Consequently, I decided to resign from AMR and work on my B.A. degree. I have noticed, however, that during interviews departments question my move. Is it wise to omit AMR from my applications and resume? I have nothing to hide ( I was not fired nor forced to resign ). I feel that leaving AMR has, in a way, hurt my oral interview scores. Furthermore, does this problem have a "nugget" answer? How should I handle this?


    It's how you present it. If you say you resigned AMR, it might raise some questions. If you said, "I worked for AMR, then continued with my education to complete my BA degree" would not.

    You could be psyching yourself out when this comes up. It could only be that the board wants to clarify the information. Not question your move. Everyone knows the crazy schedule AMR works and how it would cause problems with your education.

    You can't know what the panel is thinking. Once you start trying, you will tank your oral board score. Just give your best performance no matter what you think the oral board is doing. Trying to interpret the expressions, attitudes of the panel, what they are writing, etc., is mental masturbation. I had several candidates contact me after their orals where I was on their panel. They would tell me how they thought I was thinking or doing. The were never right.

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