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    One of the guys I work out at the gym with has a son who has been trying to get a fire job. His dad got Dave my audio/video program. He has all the usual credentials. Firefighter 1, almost a BA, 3 seasons with CDF yada, yada, yada.

    He's been testing for 5 years. His dad asked me to give him a coaching session just prior to his oral for his dream department. Dave told me he had been practicing with a tape recorder. During the coaching session, Dave expressed his burning desire, passion, my life won't be complete until I get a badge compassionate longing, agonizing story.

    One problem. Even after testing for 5 years, he wasn't reading for any oral board. His answers were garbage. This should be no surprise, because most of the candidates who contact us aren't ready either. Coaching usually takes about an hour. We ended at 2 hours. His closing was a dog and pony (I wish this candidate would just end and get out of the room) pathetic mess.

    I asked Dave how he expected to get a badge when he hadn't spent the time to be ready for an oral. He said (a big clue here), he thought he was. This is what most candidates think. Now this isn't you is it?

    The important point to realize is it doesn't take much to improve your situation and separate yourself from the clone candidates. Dave had a couple of days to review his coaching tape and redial his approach.

    He called me the day after his interview. He sounded like he didn't step on any land mines, wasn't stumped and was able to put it together to make a real good presentation. We shall see what happens.

    Michaels Testimony:

    I've been trying to become a paid firefighter for eleven years. About six months ago I found Captain Bob's web site. I couldn't believe what I read. I purchased his entry-level program. Immediately I stared getting to the chief's oral. I just completed the psych and have a conditional job offer with a major bay area department. All this time, I didn't know I was stuck in the oral board process. If you're skeptical, you could continue testing for years like me and never know what was wrong.

    Captain Bob's reply:

    It's great to get a call like this one when someone has been out there a long time and are now so close to a badge.

    As we all know . . .Nothing counts 'til you get the badge . . . Nothing!

    Getting the job of your dreams is like winning the lottery!

    Learn how entry level and promotional candidates are improving their interview scores up to 15 points and nailing that badge from the FREE "101 Inside Secrets to Get A Badge" on our web site.

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    "Captain Bob"

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