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    Hi Capt. Bob!!
    Once again I am here to ask you some more questions. I am still in the
    process of getting hired with my dream department. I just received a phone
    call for the chiefs interview. They have set a date for
    the psych the next morning if all goes well...so I was told by the admin. who
    called me. I know I need to stay on the winning pony. I have your video and
    the psych booklet. I now have a question on what do you think I should do. I
    have been offered an interview with another department that I am
    not really interested in working for...I run calls with them and there are
    some less than desireable people there. I feel I have a commitment to my
    employer and it would be difficult to get the time off to interview. I
    also don't want my DREAM department to find out...I feel I have a commitment
    to them.
    I am also worried about my medical background. I have asthma....I am on
    medications but have not had an asthma attack EVER!! The medications are to
    prevent any problems. AND...I had a back injury 1 1/2 years ago when another
    person let go of a patient. I sprained my whole back. I was off for 6 weeks
    and have fully recovered without any problems. Do you think this will
    disqualify me?? Should I mention both or not during my medical if I get that
    far?!? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much for your
    time!! Pat

    "Captain Bob's Reply:


    It's not uncommon for our candidates to start getting muliple opportunities as they get dialed into our program.

    Go to that other interview no matter. You never know how the hiring process will play out. Keep all the options you can. Don't tell the departments about each other unless they specifically ask. Go forward in the process with both departments until job offers, then make the decision.

    You do not have a back injury. You had an accident with no future problems. It was only a sprain. Would you report a sprained ankle? You might have to mention the asthma because they could find the medication in your blood sample. You need your doctor to write you a letter that your condition does not interfere with your future position. Only if the asthma situation comes up do you produce the letter.

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