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    Yesterday, I received a phone call from a candidate who has been testing for over 5 years and wanted to run a couple of his answers by me prior to an oral board today. I stopped him after just a few moments and asked him if he had been practicing his answers with a tape recorder. He said what 99.9% of candidates say when I ask this question. Well, NO. But, I'm planning on doing it. Even when he said he had read how important it is to hear what the oral board is going to hear out of your mouth by practicing with a tape recorder from the FREE "101 Inside Secrets How to Get a Badge" off our web site.

    Bottom line his answers where pathetic; and he was going to an interview today. He's not alone. Too many candidates think they can wing the oral board. That something magic is going to happen in this or a future oral that is going to get them the badge.

    Candidates tell they will do just about anything to get a badge. Then, why is so tough to get guys to practice with a tape recorder?

    Since the written and physical ability are pass/fail, 100% of the score to get a badge is in the oral board. This is where you go for all the marbles. After being on over 100 oral boards, I have seen candidates with great credentials. Yet, like the above candidate they couldn't present the package. And, if you can't present the package, you will never, never, ever see a badge!

    The following is from a candidate who came into our program last May. Steve had been trying to get a badge for over 10 years:

    Hello, Capt Bob-

    Well, it finally seems real. It is packing time. I received my formal invitation to the Academy yesterday.

    Although this is a dream come true, it is still a bit scary, leaving my comfort zone. Through hard work, my wife's support, and the Good Lord, the next 20 years will be

    Your generosity and spirit saved my career. Thank you. Steve

    Steve was one of 1,976 candidates we have helped receive their badge.

    Because, "Absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge. Nothing!" Ask Steve

    How would you like to get ahead of the curve with the cutting edge interview skills to get that badge? Then you want to sign up to receive Fire "Captain Bob's" exclusive information rich FREE e-mail FireZine Newsletter off the job page of the web site www.eatstress.com

    "Captain Bob"

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