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Massachusetts State Fire Test?

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  • Massachusetts State Fire Test?

    Does anyone know what what the deal is with is with the Massachusetts State test? For example; Do you have to be a state resident? Have Mass Firefighter? Is it a state test or does municpalities go thru the state and do individual tests? Any info helpful. Thanks.
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    I have taken 3 of these wonderfully pathetic exams. They are 100 questions, multiple guess and have little if anything to do with firefighting - General knowledge stuff, you know? There are many questions that go like this.... Firefighter jones says... Firefighter Smith says..
    The first 10 - 15 questions are from a drawing that you have to memorize. It has people, addresses, thermometer readings on banks and police car numbers and numbers of FFs and POs. Useless type stuff.

    You do not have be a state resident. 99% of the cities and towns that use it have residency preference, which means that you have to live in their borders for 1 year, to the day, prior to taking the exam. There is also veterans preference, put at the top of the list by score, and many municipaliteis have Federal Consent Decrees which means that they have to hire a certain number of blacks and hispanics, these are the only 2 minority groups that get preference - no women, asians etc... The state runs the test and you put down which towns you would like the results to go to. Obviously you have the best chance for the city that you live in because you will be in the top grouping for that city.

    If you are a Paramedic you have to be certified in Massachusetts and then can claim Paramedic preference. This is the best shot at getting hired if you live out of state because residency doesn't necessarily play part of getting a notice to sign up.

    Try going to http://www.state.ma.us/hrd they will have the information for test dates and you may be able to get them to answer any questions. Like most Massachusetts employees, they aren't the most eager batch of people to help you out.

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      Hey Truckie,

      I know on the Cape, many of the dept. get their personnel off of a county (Barnstable)test list. I don't know how often the test is given. Also, some dept. give their own test. You would have to contact these dept. individually. The contact for the County test is Chief Paul Frazier from Cotuit F.D.
      His address is: 64 High Street, Cotuit, MA. 02635. Telephone: 508-428-8827.

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