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What if it were just a myth?

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  • What if it were just a myth?

    What if it were just a myth?


    I wanted to know why this one candidate was in the hiring process?. He had no academy, no college degree, no EMT, and no experience. I thought to myself, how could this guy be in the same group as myself?

    Captain Bob's Reply:

    That's the myth. Candidates believe they have to ac***ulate a bunch of credentials to be hired. That, this alone will get them the job. The truth is it's not what you have or don't have but how you present those credentials. The rubber meets the road in the oral board.

    Don't get me wrong, credentials are great. But, we've had numerous candidates, like the one you described above, with few or no fire related credentials get hired. The difference is they realized they couldn't compete with candidates with overwhelming credentials.

    They improved their chances by concentrating on the most important part of the process. THE ORAL BOARD! They convert their personal life experiences into proven oral board skills needed to get that badge! Like you, this baffles the other candidates. They can't or won't believe it can be done. Right now we have several of these candidates with seemingly no credentials, in the hiring process in major cities across the United States and Canada.

    Reply from a candidate:

    Are you trying to tell me that a city would hire a candidate with not fire education or experience? No way!

    Response from a candidate who is doing it:

    There is a real simple answer to your question...most, if not all big city departments require almost none, if any, experience or certs. Says so right on the job announcement. Unless they are required by the department to test, certs and experience mean squat.

    The people who get the jobs are those who can show during the oral board process that they possess the personality, willingness to learn, ability to adapt, and how all of their past life and work experiences have made them well suited for the career. These are the people who **** right by the other wannabes.

    You have to be pretty blind and ignorant not to understand why these bigger departments run their own academies...so they can teach the recruits "their way". None of these depts care one bit how it was done at whatever academy you have been to before.

    This is what Capt. Bob does for you. He shows you how to handle the situational questions and how to demonstrate to the panel members that you can and want to do the job.

    Even with no fire experience and just a lowly EMT cert, I received 4 conditional job offers from Denver, Stockton, Henderson and Seattle in a 10 day period and I got to choose the department I wanted to work for. My secret?.....Capt. Bob!!!!!!

    Reply from "Captain Bob":

    I keep hearing, "I'll do just about anything to get this job." I guess that doesn't include gaining the needed skills to be able to present yourself in an oral board to nail a badge. Just think of the advantage a candidate would have, and the time it would shorten between them and a badge, if they had the credentials and learned the proven oral board skills needed to put them over the top to secure the badge of a life time?

    What if there were a FREE way to get an answer to your questions where you might be stuck? A toll FREE number that you could call 24 hours a day. FREE college programs. A web site with over 141 FREE "Inside Secrets How to Get a Badge", FREE e-mail FireZine Newsletter, and a weekly FREE drawing for products that would improve you chances in getting a badge. Wouldn't you be all over this opportunity? Then why haven't you taken advantage of the offers? What don't you understand about FREE?

    The ball is in your court. As a recent candidate Ted wrote: "To make a long story short, nothing
    counts until you have the badge, nothing. For all of the candidates out there that don't believe this, try passing and ranking #1 on orals with a
    stuttering problem... I did." Sincerely Ted

    Many candidates never understand this message and are skeptical even if they are offered a no-questions-asked full refund and are at no risk, except they might get a badge. Some lose hope and drop out of the process. If they only knew how close they really were. Often, in despair, this is when many candidates contact us.

    Here is how it worked for Garret:

    I was doing work experience at "Captain Bob's" fire department. One day he asked me an oral board question. I thought I answered it O.K.. "Captain Bob" offered me a private coaching session. I didn't think I needed it.

    I continued to test while I added credentials, became a volunteer and paramedic. I still couldn't crack the oral boards. I didn't know what to do next. A year later, I took "Captain Bob" up on his offer for private coaching.

    Ten minutes into the coaching session, "Captain Bob" rewound the video tape and showed me the mistakes I was making he had seen the year before. I dropped my head and said, "What took me so long to get here?"

    I nailed my next three orals. Three months from that private coaching session, "Captain Bob" ,in class A uniform, spoke for me as my wife pinned my badge at my fire department graduation.

    I can only tell you one thing about getting the audio/video program and private coaching with "Captain Bob" . . . . DO IT! It will be the best money you can spend in gaining a career.

    One thing I didn't expect when I became a firefighter. The thrill to ride in the jump seats and have kids and adults wave and give you praise. If that doesn't light your fire, you've got wet wood.


    How would you like to get ahead of the curve with the cutting edge interview skills to get that badge? Then you want to sign up to receive Fire "Captain Bob's" exclusive information rich FREE e-mail FireZine Newsletter off the job page of the web site www.eatstress.com

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . absolutely nothing!

    "Captain Bob"

    [ 08-04-2001: Message edited by: Captain Bob Smith ]

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