"Informal" Interview

Anyone have advice on what to wear to an "informal" 2nd interview? I'd wear my usual suit, but it doesn't quite fit like it used to, so I try and wear it sparingly. Is simply slacks and a collared shirt ok?

"Captain Bob's" reply:

Although it can be called an "informal" interview, it's usually the chief's oral. It's called "informal" to get to know you better. But understand it's for all of the marbles. If you don't come across as the most enthusiastic candidate with the qualifications that meet this departments culture and objectives, you're out of the process.

The strongest non verbal statement you can make is what you wear to any interview, especially the "Informal" (Chiefs) interview. By you own statement, your "usual suit doesn't quite fit like it used to. If you feel this way it probably looks old and dated. This alone can psyche you out before you can say anything in the interview. It is time to step up and make the investment if you really want his job.

When my Son Rob was going for his interviews, he had a new suit, shoes, tie, belt socks and, yes, new underwear. He said it made him feel like the candidate he wanted to be.

Is simply slacks and a collared shirt ok? NO! Be professional and look professional. I had a candidate tell me he went to an interview wearing a tie, suspenders and no jacket. I asked him, "Who did you think you are Larry King?" His mother would have never let him out of the house like that.


But I don't have $500.00 to spend.


It won't cost you $500.00. Go to the Mens
Warehouse or a department store that has a sale.
Ask for the personal shopper (this service is free). They will get you fixed up in your price range. It will make a big difference. You can also rent a nice suit at a tuxedo store.

Absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge. Nothing!

"Captain Bob"