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    Chiefs Oral

    Even though this is for all of the marbles, don't panic now!

    I often get questions like this one:

    I have read your helpful postings for a longtime on PFC, but this is the first time that I am calling you. I am very excited, and very nervous at the same time. You see, I just got the phone call for a Chief's oral.
    Just when I was starting to get familiar with the regular oral interview, it is now time to learn something new!

    They only gave me a day to prepare. (It is on Thursday) Do you have any pieces of information that might help me? Will the structure be the same?
    Should I be studying anything? The city? The organization? IFSTA? Or is this more of a get to know you type of interview? to see how you will fit in.
    Any advice you might have will help. Thanks for your efforts in helping make people's dreams come true!
    Sincerely, Jeff


    Many candidates start to panic when they are notified that they are going to a chief's. They think they have to reinvent themselves. Reinvent the wheel. WHOOAA! Understand what got you there. You are only going to the chiefs oral because of the great stuff you already used in the first oral. You're riding the winning pony. Don't switch ponies. You're coming around the club house turn, you shoot out from the back of the pack, go to the whip, you're on the winning pony, you're friends and family are on their feet in the stands cheering you on and you ride her home for the badge.

    Too many candidates switch ponies because "they said". I've never been able to find out who "they" are. If you do not continue to use the good stuff that got you this far, you could drop out of the race. This is a new arena. Candidates who are going to the chiefs interview, start talking to their friends. They convince that they need to do something more. By the time of the interview, they're a wreck. It's not them going into the interview. A clone of someone else. The badges are often given to other candidates.

    One of our candidates, Steve, wouldn't believe that you should not switch ponies going to his chief's oral. He started asking anyone what more he could do to make a greater impression than the other candidates. Steve got to the point of analysis paralysis. He was a wreak at his chiefs oral. He wasn't who he really was. As a result, lost a great opportunity for a badge. He regrouped, got back on track and his next chiefs interview nailed a badge.

    The chiefs interview is open to any types of questioning. They are really trying to find out more about you. How you're going to be as a firefighter for the next 25+ years. Do you fit their culture? We like to hire candidates that are them selves on purpose in the interview. Someone who has a personality and conversational. Are you that person in an interview?

    Stan was going to our departments chiefs oral. He made an appointment to come by our station. While there, he asked what more he could do to make it over the top. I told him he was riding the winning pony and not to switch during the home stretch. Three months later I was down at the training center where they were training new recruits. I saw a familiar face. I said, "Stan is that you?" He said, "Yes, I rode that winning pony all the way in!"

    Saddle up and ride to glory.

    Because, Absolutely nothing counts 'til you have the badge. Nothing!

    You can learn much more from the FREE "101 Inside Secrets How to Get a Badge" off the job page of our web site @ www.eatstress.com

    "Captain Bob"

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