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  • Bad Credit?

    I'm often asked questions on credit history like this one:


    Wow, what a week it has been. I completed my oral board for a department last
    week. Out of 70 who went to the orals, only 60 passed. Out of those 60 I
    am in the TOP 10!!!! YEAH! I couldn't have done it without your Audio/Video program, and
    the private coaching with you son Rob.

    I am concerned that if I make to backgrounds that my credit history might **** it
    for me. The past several years have been really bad due to family problems
    and school. I don't have a bankruptcy or repossession, but credit is pretty
    screwed up. I have been fighting hard to keep my bills current, and they
    are at this time. I just don't want to lose my chance at my dream job. Any
    advice you could spare would be much appreciated. Have a great day Dwain.

    Captain Bob's Reply:


    It's often not the problem, but how you write out an explanation for the background. Most candidates turn themselves inside out when a simple explanation is often all that is needed to resolve most of the situations.

    You're in the hiring process. Let's take it one step at a time. The badge is there. There is only one person keeping you from getting it . . . It's YOU!
    "Some times I think my mind would kill me if it didn't need me for transportation."

    It's not the items of concern, but the when and why. Like most candidates that enter the hiring process, they get hyper vigilant and the voices of panic and guilt start running around in their heads.

    When did these incidents happen? If it was a financial problem, what was your financial situation then?
    For other problems and misdemeanors, has the problem happened since?

    Was this a financial problem? Many candidates live on a shoestring trying to gain the education and experience to get this job. A couple of 60's and a 90 late are nothing if you were between jobs. For some, the biggest income they have last year came from their credit cards. Are the accounts current now? . The reasonable explanation like the one you gave above should be all that's needed for the background investigator.

    One of our candidates had some outstanding bills. In his current background check he told the investigator told how he was resolving the problem. The investigator told him if he cleared them, he could go forward in the process. He did. He is going forward in the hiring process.

    Our "Nugget" skills work for any job or promotion.

    Here's a testimony from one of the five badges that were received from our program this week:

    Capt. Bob,

    This letter is long over due. I contacted you recently (1 year ago), and
    ordered your video package. I did this after noticing that many of your
    students testimony on the bulletin board (PFC). I have many certs. to speak
    of including Paramedic. The only hinder that I found myself with was not
    passing the oral.

    Since ordering the video and audio tapes, I was nailing the interviews.
    Getting hired over the auxiliaries at there own dept., and with a heck of a
    lot less experience. Your tapes and techniques helped me excel pass the
    other candidates. I even had one cities Fire Chief personally call me at
    home to set up a Chief's oral, ( had to decline, due to the fact that I was
    at orientation for another dept.). To make a long story short, nothing
    counts until you have the badge, nothing. For all of the candidates out
    there that don't believe this, try passing and ranking #1 on orals with a
    stuttering problem... I did.

    Thanks Capt. Bob Dave FF/PM

    As Dave said, "Nothing counts until you have the badge . . .Nothing!"

    How would you like to get ahead of the curve with the cutting edge interview skills to get that badge? Then you want to sign up to receive Fire "Captain Bob's" exclusive information rich FREE e-mail FireZine Newsletter off the job page of the web site www.eatstress.com

    "Captain Bob"

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