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  • San Francisco Fire Testing

    Word on the street:

    H-2 is just academy pay starting at $44,000. The pay will jump around $10,000 to $52,000 the first year topping out at $62,000 after 5 years. It's not clear on the job announcement, but if you're a medic, the pay after the academy jumps to $62,000.

    Even thought the application doesn't list preference for medics, you can be sure that it will be a leg up on being hired. Probably not many medics will want to start at $44,000.

    Applications will be available at the SFFD Training Center 2310 Folsom on Jul 27 & 28th from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You must pick up the applications in person or by your representative (what ever that means). Applications will be returned Aug 5th & 6th.

    Because of the expected numbers, don't be surprised to see a lottery of applications in alphabetical order to determine who gets to test.

    There is a movement by supervisor Yee to return the ambulance/medic program to the Department to the Department of Public Health.

    Assignment changes take place Monday to move one medic from the box (ambulance) onto an engine. They will replace the medic on the box with an EMT. The engine will be complimented with an officer/driver/medic/EMT. This means a lot of firefighters are going to be bumped off their ride. This will not be a day at the beach.

    You can check out the City of San Francisco web site: www.ci.sf.ca.us

    "Captain Bob"

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    As far as applying for the S.F.F.D....

    You can forget about getting hired there if you are a white guy unless you are gay, or a sexual transgender mutant, etc.

    Otherwise you have to be a minority either racially, ethniclly or a female.

    Just an observation after having been in that area most of my life...


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