Recruitment for Fire Emergency Dispatcher will begin Monday, June 25,
2001. Applications and study guide will be available through City
Personnel, located at 135 N. 2nd Avenue, from 6/25/01 through 7/06/01.
Application materials can also be downloaded from the City Personnel

City Personnel will coordinate and conduct the written and typing
tests. These tests will be held on the same day, Saturday, July 21,
2001. Candidates who pass both portions, written and typing test,
will be placed on the City eligibility list for Fire Emergency

This eligibility list will be used to fill any full-time, part-time or
job share vacancies for the next 12 months. (A City of Phoenix
Employee can not be hired for a part-time position and remain in their
current position.) There are currently 10 vacant, part-time Fire
Emergency Dispatcher positions, it is anticipated there will be
full-time vacancies during the span of this list.