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Volunteer Opportunities near Chattanooga, TN

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  • Volunteer Opportunities near Chattanooga, TN

    As it turns out, my work is transferring me to Chattanooga, TN, in April. I was wondering if anyone here volunteers there. Specifically, I was wondering:

    1. What are the lights/siren requirements for the area? (Where I am now, you can run any lights, but if you do, you have to have a siren as well. Preferably, they have to be visible from 360 degrees).

    2. What are the training requirements to participate in the volunteer fire service?

    3. Do you have first responders for medical as well? What are the training requirements for this as well?

    4. What are the general time expectations for service as a volunteer?

    5. Do you have a Tennessee retirement for volunteer service?

    I'm coming from extremely rural Georgia, so I believe I will most likely be in culture shock when I arrive. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated, as well as any website links.

    BTW, we will probably be looking in the Hixson, Ooltewah and East Brainerd areas, although we're not averse to anywhere relatively nice.


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    There are quite a few volunteer dept. in the Chatt area. Some run just fire, some only do extrication/ tech rescue. I am sure you can find one to fit you needs. As far as lights, that is up to the department and the sheriff of the county as to what goes. Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire is probably the largest in the area that does fire. Chatt- Hamilton County Rescue Squad is the tech rescue guys.


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      Tri-Communities in Collegdale and Highway 58 Fire department are both goods sized units. If you end up about 10 miles north, in Bradley County, let me know. Bradley County Fire/Rescue runs all fires and rescue in Bradley County. Right now we have 1 paid station, and 7 volunteer stations. Great bunch of guys.

      As far as lights/sirens, they want us to have it all, if we are going to run emergency in a POV. Top light, dash light, grill lights, siren, and mobile radio. Personally, all I have is a mobile. I live about 1 mile from my station, and there is only 1 cop that patrols my district. No problems at all.

      We used to run all first response calls, but due to a lack of trained 1st responders/EMT's, we have stopped for the time being. Word is that we will restart the program in a couple years.

      Hope this helps.


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        If you drift just a tiny bit further north I can speak
        for Polk county -west
        They are a great group also
        ( just because I have 3 family members in is not influencing my opinion at all)

        I know they have 1st responders & are actually looking to hold a training class for more very soon.
        I know I bought as a Christmas present for my husband everything Nate mentioned, except the top light. & what I bought was picked out w/help from the Asst. chief.

        I think our volunteers are expected at 12 meetings a year & to do a min. of 12 calls a year.

        Thats all I can tell you at the moment, but when my husband gets back from the academy tomorrow I am going to show him this site/forum & maybe he can add more.


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          As far as I'm aware, Hamilton County (where Chattanooga is) has no volunteer departments that allow use of lights on POV's. Bradley Co 25min away from Chattanooga however does allow this. Other areas nearby that do are Polk Co (1hr away) & Calhoun & Etowah in McMinn Co (45min - 1hr away). I hope the light/siren issue is not what you're basing the choice of who you volunteer with on. While I do believe they are of use by responsible adults, there are so many other great qualities & oportunities available from volunteer depts in that area.


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            I hope the light/siren issue is not what you're basing the choice of who you volunteer with on.
            No, it's not what I'm basing my decision upon. Right now, I am the chief of my department, as well as a first responder, and we have no issues with everyone running lights and sirens. It has not been abused, and has on many occasions been a help, especially to the ambulances arriving after us.

            I was really trying to determine the locally accepted policies because if lights and sirens are not allowed, I would rather get rid of them before arriving in order to avoid the (what was that term?).... "whacker" image.

            Also, there are many in my department who could use the equipment when I leave.

            And, btw, I have no desire to be a chief in another department, or even let on I was a chief. :-) I'll find some bottlewasher position for a while.


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              Maybe you should have put the part about the lights and sirens at the end of the thread and some probably would not have wondered if you were or if you were not a wacker.

              STILL DOING IT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!!!!!!!!!!


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                Thanks for the witty, encouraging reply. It is appreciated as much as the sentiment with which it was sent.

                If you would please re-read the thread, you may find I was not concerned about being viewed as a "wacker" (sic) on these forums as much as in the new locale.

                As for the order in which the questions were presented, I assure you it was merely coincidence the lights/sirens topic was first. It is certainly not foremost.

                Perhaps it is from all the broohaha over the previous posters who dare mention the topic (i.e., lights/sirens) and face the wrath of those more seasoned in the arts of the internet fire forums.

                For those of you caught in this reply, my most sincere apologies. Although I enjoy pointless banter as much as the next, I find I am quickly tiring of the endless derision offered to those touching upon the deceased equine.


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                  Still Doing It For The Right Reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    A very wise person once told me....

                    Never say anything in anger, never send an immediate reply, and never, ever, send an email if it contains emotion.

                    I should have listened. My deepest apologies to orangebuster for my previous grumpy post. No matter what the content, I should never post while tired.

                    As for those of you who have responded, I look forward to my relocation, and have heard some great things about the area departments. I am sure I will find a way to favorably contribute to the area.

                    Another question-- how often and via what avenue is additional training offered? Specifically, does Tennessee have a fire college? What organization usually provides emt training?



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                      Chattanooga State offers EMT-IV and Medic schools. So does Cleveland State. You can take some classes at the TN Fire Academy. Usually, you have to be sent by your department.


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                        Nate, you seem to know your way around Tennessee, is the State Fire Academy still in Murfreesboro??
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                          Pretty much. The actual city is called Bell Buckle. Kind of between Murfreesboro and Manchester.


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