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  • What's In Your Pocket?

    I know this has probably been covered before, but I have a purpose behind it.

    I want to know:
    1.) What tools do you think are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to carry in your fire gear pockets (taking into account size and weight) such as wire snips, screw and nut driver , pliars, center-punch, etc.?

    2.) And of those items, which ones do you SPECIFICALLY RECOMMEND for any firefighter (i.e. Craftsman Mini-Ratchet 2000 (ficticious)) that have worked well for you and held up through the years.

    I want to make kind of a "Master List" and condense it to the most highly recommended items that can fit into hopefully one pocket of your gear, but just about cover it all. Please take into consideration size, weight, and durability. I hope to offer a kit with these specific items in it and have it created by firefighters, known as the lightest, yet most durable set of tools available. I know there are multi-tools (Leatherman, Gerber, etc.) out there, but I am not a big fan of those personally, and they can not do even some of the basics very well. So, give me your thoughts.

    Thanks for your help in advance. I'll do comparative updates as we go so you don't have to read all the posts if I get a lot of responses, like a poll.


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    Being in the fire service for over 30 years I may be one of the few who would know what this is but along with the "normal" stuff in my pocket I carry a Jones Snap Pick. Great for busting or prying windows.
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      Lets see:
      Flashlight (never use it)
      Structure Gloves
      Vehicle rescue Gloves
      Seatbelt cutter (i know its in there somewhere but i can never seem to find it)
      Nomex Hood

      Used to have a knife but it fell out at somepoint.
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        What I got is Note Pad and Paper,Medical Gloves and A Knife
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          I carry lots of crap in my pockets so I'll let you know what I actually use on a consistent basis:

          Two 20ft. sections of webbing with a couple 'beaners on 'em,
          One handed-yet heavy duty wire cutters (the spring-loaded ones are great),
          Some smaller wire nips,
          A good gravity knife,
          A miniature crow bar (10 inches),
          A gerber multipurpose tool,
          A poket spanner,
          Channel Locks,
          A pair of trauma shears,
          A CPR glove and barrier pack,
          A couple pairs of extra medical gloves,
          A pair of "Roper" gloves for overhaul, general stuff
          A pair of extrication gloves

          and finally...

          a spring-loaded window punch.

          Your best bet man, is NOT to get expensive tools... YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE THEM! I'm talking from experience. Go to a place like Harbor Freight tools or a similiar place and buy them. Cheap, so you won't be hating life when you lose you $3 channel locks, instead of your $15 "Craftsman" channel locks.
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            Structure coat:
            Res-Q-Rench (or however they spell that)
            Leatherman "Wave" pocket multi-tool (not new, fresh out of the box! *LOL*)
            1 12' length of tubular nylon webbing
            Structure Gloves

            Extra med gloves I keep in my structure pants, opposite my hood (hood in right cargo pocket, extra med gloves in left). Everything else, I have a fanny pack for. I generally take the POV that I'm either there to be an EMT, or there to fight fire. I try not to mix and match missions if at all possible.

            That's it. KISS principle works fine for me.
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              I try to keep it simple since everything you need should be on the engine, but:

              - Med gloves.
              - a 2000 lb rated Carbiner
              - 25 feet of utility rope (admittedly a carryover habit from fire one)

              I've been thinking of carrying my Gerber multipurpose tool, but knowing how chaotic fire calls can be, I'd probably lose it....


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                Mine is very simple...

                Structure gloves
                Extrication gloves
                Extra pair EMS gloves (in small plastic container to keep sterile)
                Nomex hood


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                  Excellent work. Keep'em rollin' in. I'm keeping a tally. Thanks!


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                    When I was on my old department,I carried:
                    two Res-q Renches for when I needed an "opposite lead"on unhooking a hose,
                    a 20 foot length of tubular webbing tied for self rescue,etc,
                    one of several flashlights with the newest batteries,
                    my radio,
                    a crescent wrench/hammer,
                    a deck of Bicycles in case I ever got trapped beyond reach of my RIT crew.


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                      Originally posted by doughesson
                      a deck of Bicycles in case I ever got trapped beyond reach of my RIT crew.
                      HAHAHAHA, now that is funny! I need to get me a deck of those to!

                      I carry:
                      Gloves (Structural)
                      Gloves (Extrication)
                      Gloves (EMS)
                      20' of rope
                      2 Folding spanners

                      I consider my rope to be my MIO!
                      BTW, my Flashlight is secured to my helmet.
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                        23 years.

                        Coat pockets - my gloves.
                        Left pants pocket - extrication gloves and safety glasses.
                        Right pants pocket - 30' roll webbing, nomex hood, pliers.

                        Have seen guys with lots more stuff in their pockets and found they never use the stuff. I'm in the K.I.S.S. school.
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                          Coat Pockets- Utility Knife,Wire Cutter,10' Webbing,Flashlight
                          Pant Pockets- Gloves, Hood, Wedge-IT
                          Good Idea to take the most common and make a multi-purpose tool.
                          I have to agree, a leatherman or gerber is to hard to open with fire gloves.
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                            Structure gloves
                            Nomex hood
                            Occasionally a Portable radio
                            Blistex for long calls outside in winter.
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                              Wire Nippes (VERY HANDY)
                              Door chock
                              LED flashlight
                              extra Garity light
                              folding spanner
                              nomex hood

                              another Garity light on my helmet
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