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MVA response.

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  • MVA response.

    When your fire department receives an mva call, do you just send an ambulance, or do you run fire/rescue at the same time. In my department, we are dispatched after a police officer or med unit is on scene to determine if rescue is needed. I think fire/rescue should be paged at the same time, for fire protection and being there ready if you need to extricate. What do you think?

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    we are dispatched to all MVA's unless there are no injuries, if the caller is not sure we go ........we have EMS and Fire altogether in one station and they are combined. For us standard response is
    Medic Unit
    Rescue Engine
    Safety Officer
    Medic Unit
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    hope this helps ........
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      just a BLS ambulance. fire dept is called only if there is 1) entrapment 2) fluids on the road or 3) smoke/fire coming from the vehicle.
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        It all comes down to what the person on the phone says to the calltaker out here. If they say anyone is still within the car, then it is paged out as a "MVA, Possible persons trapped" call which gets a response of at least 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Pumper, 1 MICA Ambulance.... If more rescue/fire/ambulance units are available and have adequate crewing, then they will more than likely respond too.

        The same response will also get paged if the person on the phone can't confirm anyhthing (IE. The car is over a ditch, I can't see it.... or the car is on it's roof etc.) If they say that the car(s) are well off the road and nobody is hurt, then just a police unit will be dispatched to take statements and organise towing. Possibly a non-emergency ambulance will go too, although all depends on the dispatcher.

        Of course if there are any oils, fuels etc. on the road then we'll get called to mop it up.


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          Our department has fire and ems combined at out station.
          We respond our ems unit first to a mva. If there is enough man power we will roll the pumper. The engine will go to 95% of the accidents.

          stay safe


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            We are paged for an MVA at the dispatcher's discertion. If I happen to be listening to the scanner and hear EMS tones then hear signal 4 somewhere in my territory, I will go ahead and roll routine to the scene. If I get paged while heading there, I can step up my response to the scene or the station to get a truck.

            We first take Rescue 1, then Engine 6.
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              we get sent no matter what...even if there are no injuries because the police around here are so frickin lazy they cant do their jobs of Traffic Control anymore!!!

              But, on the other side if there is a MVA our dept. gets called along with at least one ambulance from th city and we usually send our rescue and one eng.
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                We get paged as soon as the ambulance has been paged...We respond to every MVA with a Pumper and our Utility/Rescue...And depending on the severity we may bring our personel carrier..
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                  EMS goes to every accident and they also run extrication. FD does not respond unless there is fluid hazard or extrication as standby. I hope to God we never get dispatched to every single MVA - that would triple our call volumne for nothing.
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                    For MVAs that are called in "with injuries" or "unknown injuries" it's a pretty similiar policy here in our department .... one pumper from the closest station, our heavy rescue and one parrish Medic (they will dispatch 2 if callers seem to indicate multiple injuries). We will also generally put the medical helicopter run by the hospital on standby if it on the ointerstate or sounds severe.
                    MVA's on the interstate we will run 2 pumpers... one from each direction simply becuase locations on the interstate are often incorrect. Second rescue (light) may run if multiple extracations are confirmed or are a possibility.

                    In Vermont it was similiar policy except the rescue was run by another fire department and standadrd EMS response was 2 ambulances to all calls. There the MVA policy was set up by the district EMS boards, not the local fire departments.
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                    • #11
                      We roll on MVA's with at least our mini pumper and als squad. The pumper will get disregarded at only the discretion of the highest rank officer on scene, or if a p.o calls it in and advises ems only.

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                        We respond to every MVA on first dispatch, we get returned to service if a officer or p.o. reports property damage, EMS only; or something along those lines.

                        As far a apparatus on the road for MVA's, we prefer at least one ambulance unless multiple victims, our rescue, at least one engine, and most of the time our mini pumper.
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                          Fire and EMS are one and the same here. In our department, both an engine and an RA are dispatched. Our utility, which carries a Hurst tool, is not dispatched but automatically responds to all calls, including MVAs. First unit on-scene will size-up and determine if additional resources (second engine, second RA, truck, etc.) are needed. If we need more than two RAs (rare, but happens), we'll call for AMR.

                          Most other departments in the area are also dispatched with an engine and RA, and can call for a truck if extrication is needed. All FFs in the area are at least EMT-1s (Basic), so even if the engine's not needed for anything else, they can assist with EMS.
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                          • #14
                            In my Volunteer Department {N.J.} We are dispatched along with the EMS - We roll the Utility/Light Rescue 1st. and the 1st out engine - Unless it is an MVC w/entrapment than the Engine-Rescue is 1st. Due.

                            The Company I'm a Career Firefighter with {Delaware . Also a Volunteer Co. w/Fulltime Staff} - The County {New Castle} will dispatch the Fire Company which all but maybe 1 or 2 have EMS Units so it is the BLS Unit 1st. and the Rescue 2nd. - That usually takes care of it unless entrapment than my station will roll an additional engine for manpower and/or establishing an LZ for the Med-Evac Unit


                            • #15
                              My department also runs both fire & EMS. For incidents in our first due, We send an engine first and ambulance second for all MVAs. The engine's job is to block traffic and provide a safe work zone around the incident.

                              If the caller(s) report a person trapped, our heavy rescue squad goes second instead of the ambulance because the County will be sending a medic unit.

                              We have an automatic aid agreement with a neighboring department for MVAs Mon-Fri 0730-1630. They send their Rescue-Engine to our calls, we send our squad and ambulance to theirs.

                              Check out Ron Moore's columns regarding "Safe Parking" in the past few months' Firehouse magazines. If nothing else, it makes sense to have a larger apparatus at all MVAs, simply to block lanes and make a safer work environment.

                              There's too many of us (fire, EMS and police) getting injured and killed in struck-by accidents.


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