Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions regarding the problems with our dept's. new minitor IV pagers. We ordered the software and programming station. It arrived yesterday and today I was up at the station reprogramming pagers for the guys. It really is amazing how much can be done to these minitor IV's with this software!

If anyone is in the area near Morral, OH and wants us to reprogram pagers-- we will do it really cheap! Most places wanted 20+ bucks and shipping to reprogram them. We will do them for 3-5 bucks a pager and have them done for you right on the spot! It is really simple. We aren't doing this to make money, just re-coop the cost associated with the software and hardware. We spent $350.66 for that directly from motorola. If you aren't near us, and are having problems get the software-- it is easy to use!

Thanks again to all who helped!

Salt Rock Volunteer Dept.