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    What Age?

    Well Here In Canada Where I'm From You Cannot Even Join The Dept Until You Are 19...As For Lights Everywheres Different...Blue Lights Are Strictly PD Here.....In Our Province Chiefs Are Supposed To Be Only Members Who Can Run Lights,Which Are Red, And Sirens..But Because Of The Way We Run Things And The Fact We Got A Good Town Council, Chiefs Still Run Lights and Sirens,But Captains,Lt's,Safetys And Constables(Fire/Police) Can Have Lights Only...Now Many Say Thats Dumb I Know..But It Works

    But As For What Age 19 Here....And When You Join You Got Your 6 Month Probie Period To Prove Yourself, And Your Not Allowed To Enter The "Hot Zone" Until That Time Is Complete And Your Voted In


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      Here is my 2 cents...

      1) In Indiana, we do follow OSHA, so if its 18, then its 18.

      2) you can not be join the fire dept here in Osceola unless you are 18 or above.

      3) Everyone that gets on the Dept is trained to go into a building and everything according to the Indiana State 24hour Certification test.

      4) We do NOT allow you to respond to calls you dont have training for. Not yet trained for fires? NO FIRE FOR YOU! Starting out, you are just a gofor on medical calls.

      5) You dont get your pager until the 24hours is complete, or you show you have picked up the skills and can do them well at least half way through the 24hrs.

      6) We do several drills on entering a building including following a rope around inside the station under tables and over chairs with turnout gear on and an SCBA Pack with the nomex hood on backwards so you cant see. This is for finding a downed fire fighter and search and rescue. Also a live burn inside a "Burn Chamber" where wood and hay is burnt in two semi-trailers stacked with stairs in middle, like a 2 story mobile home. There is a vent team, a entry team, and a backup team. We go in with a charged hose and find the fire and knock it down.

      7) IF you go in a burning building, you go as the second of third guy, not lead first couple of times, or until you're comfortable going in as lead.

      8) A firefighter that says they dont need anymore training and they know everything is DANGEROUS to EVERYONE and themselves. All fires and event are different. You are never done training or learning. Our Lt. says, the first time he says he knows everything about firefighting he will retire because then he is putting all of us and himself at very high risk.

      9) Under Indiana blue light law, you must have a blue light card or written persmission from chief. On our dept, we have cards that shows we are a member of the fire dept that is signed by the chief. That is our blue light card and with that, you can have Blue and/or white flashing lights on the front of the vehicle, a blue light on top visible 360 degrees, and red/white/or blue to the rear along with headlight wig-wags.

      10) To get on out dept, you MUST pass a background check, have a drivers license, be recommended by the chief and voted on by the town board, then you have 90 days probation to prove yourself.

      Im done, now you all know about Indiana and the way we do somethings here in Osceola.
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        In Connecticut you must be 18 years old and be Firefighter I.


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          In Michigan the minimal age is 18 w/ a firefighter I certification.
          I recived my firefighter I & II certifications when I turned 18 and before I graduated high school. I then recieved my EMT-B licence shortly after that. My dad has been involved in the fire service for 10 years. Every fire he had i went to just to observe how fireground operations go. He is now the Asst. Chief and I am the lieutenant/ training officer. I believe all those fires I was allowed to observe helped me be a better fire officer. I think any junior that wants to learn should be able to observe from a safe distance. I dont think they should be able to use warning lights. It puts people at risk when there is really not a whole lot they can do on scene. The more knowledge, questions asked, and hands on experience the better.


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            Here in Texas you have 18 to enter a structure fire, as Volunteers we've got Eagles (under 18), they can train with us with parental signature. They are not allowed in the "Hot Zone' but they can help in Rehab. As for lights we run reds, our Eagles are not allowed to run lights or code, we're not supposed to exceed over 10mph above the posted speed limit. We've got a good repore with SO, DPS, and PD but they will get you if you get stupid We're more concerened with qaulification over certification, just because you,ve been thru training doesn't mean you're going to be nozzleman first rattle out of the box no matter what your age.
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              I see a lot of guys saying 18. I am quite sure that if you have a 17 year old and he has graduated high school his privileges and guidelines are equal to that of a senior member.
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                Hotboy, Here with our department it wouldn't make a diffrence (17y/o w/HS diploma. If you're not 18y/o you don't belong in the Hot Zone. While I'm on the subject, I don't know where my head was when I called our junior firefighters Eagles, I meant to say Explorers, guess my head was in the clouds or stuck in Hotel California


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                  17 and a High school diploma will only get you past the child labor law.. NFPA 1001(guidlines) still says 18..If your dept. doesn't follow NFPA, It falls under your AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) If whomever that may be checks off on it..Your in...
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                    In Michigan you have to be 18 and have fire fighter 1 to enter in to a burning building. And for lights (up here we use RED lights)on my department you have to be out of firefighting school and on the department for a year before you can put lights on your vehicle with permission from the Chief.


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                      time to start truoble

                      alright. i know i'm going to get jumped for this. I'm From VA. I'm 18 now, but i joined when i was 16. Although i was not needed to go in as a junior member i would have been allowed into a burning structure if needed. I have trained on live burns with old houses before. As for lights, juniors or active members alike are allowed to run red lights w/o sirens. and the light is more or less a curtious thing. Now I know someone is going to jump on this post as soon as they can. however, before anything gets said, i know what the results could be if anything had happened.
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                        In Tennessee, you have to be 18 before going into a burning structure. You can join our department at age 15, and start learning the basics. You can respond to calls as a junior member (15-17 yrs old), but once you get there you can't do much, mostly observation. After we get the fire out, we let our juniors go in with a senior member and show them around the structure. We point out origin of fire if known, explain why we entered where we did on initial attack, they can help with salvage/overhaul, provided there is no immediate danger, such as collapse. It is a great learning experience for them.
                        As far as running lights, it is up to the sherriff of the county or police chief. In Sullivan County, we are not allowed to use them on POVs. In my opinion, I am glad we can't use them. It is a lot less liability on the departments. Also, I have been told if you can run lights/sirens on POVs, it has to be insured as an emergency vehicle, otherwise if you are involved in a wreck, insurance cos will not cover damages.


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                          Here are some of the basic ones from PA

                          Participate in any interior or exterior fire suppression, rescue, and ventilation or overhaul activities of a structure fire. Member 17 years of age may operate a hoseline outside of a structure if they are under direct supervision of an experienced line officer.

                          Operate an aerial ladder or platform truck

                          Using hydraulic and pneumatic rescue tools

                          Using acetylene or any other “cutting torch”, or use insulated wire gloves, or insulated wire cutters.

                          Operate pumps at the scene of a fire.

                          Our Department prohibits the use of blue lights by juniors.
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                            NYS 18. End of story. Department policy says 18, interior physical, Basic Firefighter with mask confidence prefered. Not required but if it comes down to you and a guy a mask confidence, and you dont have it, your not goin in.

                            Blue lights is generally 8 but it all depends on you and your maturity. We do have some people over 18 who are not allowed to run them, cause they are morons.
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                              Here you have to be 18 to start the Firefighter training. Then once you complete all your first responder, firefighter, and Hazmat you can enter a structure.

                              You have to go through a emergency driving course when you are 21 to be able to drive the trucks.


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                                I am posting again because things have changed.

                                You can take all the classes, basic, intermediate, well now its FF1 and FF2 at the age of 16. However you cannot go interior until 18.

                                As for the blue light, that is also 18 in my department.


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