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Need help with training requirments

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  • Need help with training requirments

    Trying to gather info on what other Volly departments are requiring of their members.

    Does your department require its members to take Essentials of Firefighting (PA), or an equivalent FF I class from your state, in a timely manner? (ie first year as a member? Second? Ever?)

    Do you have other classes that are required by a certain year of membership?

    Lastly, what are your yearly training requirements, if any? (ie 16 hours of outside training etc)

    Trying to gather some ammo to fight the “We can’t require that, we’re just volunteers” attitude.

    Just my 2 cents....3 before taxes

    Fir Na Tine

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    8 hours

    Supposedly, you have to have essentials within a year of appointment.
    Now NY has a "great Idea" get rid of the Firefighter 1 & 2 and have one 90 hour class, are these guys for real, where do they think somebody is going to find 90 free hours after work and t-ball and recitals. Glad i got my 1 and 2 done.......

    8 hours OSHA, That's it!!!! Unless you are Interior firefighter then you have to attend SCBA training and fit testing.
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      All our members are required to have Essentials before they can do anything other than support at a fire scene.

      They are also required to have CPR, HAZ-Mat Ops, First Aid and AED training with updates as required.

      We not only require it due to our responses but it also helps for liability issues.
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        Fl wants all vollys to complete the 160hr FF1 course, it cut our numbers down. Tell someone that to give their time to a VFD you must take a course of 160hrs. ISO requires 2hrs/2mo. for a 9 rating and 2hr/mo for an 8.

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          NJ requires all FFs to have FF1

          New Jersey requires that all Firefighters (both career and volunteer) to complete Firefighter I. This course is between 100 and 125 hours, depending on which county fire academy it is taken at. FF1 sometimes includes ICS 100, HazMat Ops, and CPR. We send out new member to FF1 as soon as we can get them enrolled in a course.

          Just for a comparison, EMT in NJ is 120 hours, and the squads seem to be able to send new members to it.
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            Our Volunteer By-Laws state that each new member must certify as an EMT-B and FF-1/HM-A within two years of hire date.
            In the State of Utah, EMT-B class is 120 hours. Firefighter One & Haz-Mat Awareness is another 120 hour course.
            On the job, to test for a spot you have to be at least EMT-B & FF1. We're just required to keep our certs up to date with the state academy.



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              Just what I've been looking for.

              Thanks and keep em coming...

              Just my 2 cents....3 before taxes

              Fir Na Tine


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                to actually try out there are no requirements at our department, BUT, in order to have a chance to get on paid, you must be EMT-B certified and have hazmat, wildland, and at least FF1 certifications. the nice thing is though, that once you are in as a volunteer they will pay for you to get those. as an example, i am on probabation for the first three months that i am there, but as soon as i pass my probabation i will be enrolled in the first FF1 class available. as far as getting into the department we had to do the following:

                1-3 mile pack test (no running) in forty five minutes
                2- modified CPAT test in under eight minutes
                3- meeting before an oral board

                we had started out with about fifteen people trying out and after all was said and done, five of us had passed. from what i was told, they never really had a screening process before and this has helped them weed out those who didn't or couldn't really do the job.
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