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  • Your VDs apparatus

    What apparatus do you have at your VFD? Just interested in other departments apparatus. What year, Company, etc.? Thanks. Stay safe everyone

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    Here is what we got...

    2 pumpers
    Engine 31 - '86 Smeal
    Engine 32 - '01 Smeal

    3 quick attack (grass rigs)
    Truck 20 - '94 F350 with utility box (old rescue vehicle)
    Truck 21 - '85 Chevy 3500 (river runner, bad azz truck with flat bed)
    Truck 23 - '03 Chevy 3500 Duramax

    1 Tanker
    Truck 40 - '78 old converted swans truck, (PIECE OF S H I T)

    1 Mini Pumper (rescue truck)
    Rescue 1 - '09 Danko custom on Chevy 5500 4X4

    1 Command Center
    S&S Welding custom enclosed trailer

    2 Ambulances
    99-1 - '01 Osage
    99-2 - '94 Custom Craft

    Stay Safe,


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      We are a combo department but we have:

      2002 HME 75' quint ladder truck
      2008 Pierce impel pumper
      1989 Pierce pumper top mount pump being replaced very soon
      just sold our 1994 Pierce pumper top mount pump
      2002 Ford F-350 Brush truck


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        67' miltary 2 1/2 ton chassis with 750 gallon tank, portable pump with Foam Pro 1600

        68' Military 5 ton chassis with 2,000 tank and dump with 2500 gallon dump tank and high vol CET pump.

        84' Pierce 50 ft. telesquirt with 1250 pump 500 gallon tank, with Foam Pro 1600

        8x8 argo with 75 gallon tank and portable pump with Foam Pro 1600


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          2005 HME Ahrens Fox Rescue pumper: 2000 GPM Hale Q-Max pump, 1020 gallon booster tank, 30 gallon Class A foam tank, Hale foam logix foam system.
          1400 feet of 5 inch hose, 900 feet of 3 inch hose and 1200 feet of 2 inch hose.

          This engine carries extrication equipment as well as truck company equipment like saws, ppv fan,and extra hooks. A 10K hydraulic generator powers 5-1500 watt lights;

          1974 Mack CF: 1250 GPM Hale pump, 500 gallons of water, carries 20 gallons Class B foam and an eductor, also 5 gallons of Class A foam, and a Scotty system Class A foam set-up. 1000 feet of 5 inch hose, 700 feet of 3 inch hose, 900 feet of 2 inch hose. A gasoline generator powers 2-500 watt lights, and a 2000 watt light.

          This rig also carries extrication equipment as well as a K12 saw, PPV fan, and extra hooks.

          1992 Monroe Truck Pumper tanker: 1000 GPM fron mount pump, 1500 gallons of water and a Scooty system Class A foam set up. 1000 feet of 5 inch hose, 400 feet of 3 inch hose, 600 feet of 2 inch hose.

          This rig also carries a gasoline powered generator that powers 2 500 watt lights.

          1984 GMC Rennert Fire Apparatus brush truck: 70 gpm pump and a Class A foam system. 2-3/4 inch hose reels and 1-200 foot 1 inch preconnect. carries 150 gallons of water and 8 gallons of Class A foam.
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            2002 GMC 2500 series
            2002 Metalfab walk around rescue unit.

            2007 Spartan Gladiator
            1990 Ford / Hub Pumper Tanker
            1997 International Tanker
            1990 Ford/Hub Pumper Tanker

            Boston Whaler Rescue Boat 25' Outrage


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              2 Engines
              -2010 Pierce Velocity w/light rescue capability
              -2001 Pierce Enforcer

              1 Rescue/Pumper
              -2002 Pierce Dash

              1 Ladder
              -2008 Pierce Velocity 105' stick

              1 Brush Unit
              -1997 Ford F350

              1 Utility
              -2008 Ford F350 (QRS/Hazmat unit)

              1 Hazmat Trailer
              -15' Wells w/containment equipment and PPE

              4 Command Vehicles
              -2 2009 Chevy Tahoes
              -1 2008 Ford Explorer
              -1 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

              Yea, I know. There is a trend here.....Someday I'll have my way.
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                Originally posted by mtg55 View Post
                2 Engines
                -2010 Pierce Velocity w/light rescue capability
                -2001 Pierce Enforcer

                1 Rescue/Pumper
                -2002 Pierce Dash

                1 Ladder
                -2008 Pierce Velocity 105' stick

                1 Brush Unit
                -1997 Ford F350

                1 Utility
                -2008 Ford F350 (QRS/Hazmat unit)

                1 Hazmat Trailer
                -15' Wells w/containment equipment and PPE

                4 Command Vehicles
                -2 2009 Chevy Tahoes
                -1 2008 Ford Explorer
                -1 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

                Yea, I know. There is a trend here.....
                Ya think? At least P circles their mistakes.
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                  Volunteer department serving about 35 square miles and 850 people.

                  Engine 1: 1998 International KME 1000gal/1000gpm with CAFS
                  Engine 2: 1986 Ford Middlesex 1500gal/1000gpm
                  Engine 3: 1959 International FWD Farrar 750gal/750gpm with pump and roll capability

                  Tanker 4: 1968 Mack Military 5 ton 6x6 2800gal

                  Rescue 1: 1994 Ford F550 4x4

                  Forestry 1: 1971 Chevrolet m705 4x4 300gal/150gpm pump and roll capability

                  Ambulance 5: 2003 Ford E350 McCoy Miller

                  ATV: Polaris Ranger 6x6 with rear tracks and rescue sled

                  Truck 9 (utility): 1994 Ford F350 4x4 crew cab pickup

                  All units are frontline apparatus, no reserve or parade units. E2, E3, T4 and F1 are standard transmissions and require a good bit of experience to drive.


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                    • Engine - 1990 HME/Grumman 1000/750
                    • Tanker - 1992 International 2674/S&S 1000/1800
                    • Rescue - 2000 International 4900/Pierce Encore (runs as the countywide heavy rescue)
                    • Brush - 2005 Ford F550/Department Built
                    • EMS - 2001 Chevrolet Suburban
                    • Chief - 2005 Ford F250 pickup

                    Specs for an IFB will be sent on a new engine to replace the 1990 Grumman in a month or so.
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                      Clinton VFD, Prince Georges County Maryland Company 25.

                      Engine 251- 2007 Pierce Dash 2000 GPM 500 GWT
                      Engine 255- 1999 Pierce Dash 2250 GPM 500 GWT
                      Engine 252 (retired)- 1976 Kenworth Pierce Open Cab 200 GPM 500 GWT
                      Water Supply 25 (former E251) 1986 Pierce Lance 2000 GPM 500 GWT 2000' of 5" LDH
                      Truck 25- 1991 Pemfab/LTI 106' Tractor Drawn Aerial (Former Truck 14 from Berwyn Heights Md.)
                      Water Supply Support Unit 25- 2002 Chevy/Knapheide Body, 2500' of 5" LDH (County owned)
                      Ambulance 259- 2005 Freightliner/ALF Medic Master (County Owned)
                      Chief 25- 2003 Ford Expedition
                      Chief 25A- 2005 Ford Expedition
                      Chief 25B- 2000 Chevy Blazer

                      We also have a County owned ALS unit stationed here but it is not staffed or maintained by the VFD.


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                        We're a semi- combination dept. We have 1 full time administrator/ laborer who works weekdays. We have a part time guy to fill in when the regular guy is off.

                        Our fleet:

                        Quint 560- 1999/2000 RD Murray 105' quint. 6 man low profile Spartan Gladiator chassis. 1500gpm Hale/ 300 gal poly tank. 700 ft 5"; prepiped waterway. 100 ft 1.75" bumper line, 250 and 300' 1.75" crosslays, 250' 2.5" crosslay, 400' 2,5" deadlay leader line crosslay. 200' Booster reel above dr side outrigger. 10 kw diesel generator mounted above officer's front outrigger. 3, 250' cordreels ( 1 in bumper, 1 at each rear corner) 4 750 watt floods- 2 each side, hardwired. 2, 500w floods mounted on ladder tip. Set up as a TRUCK company first. carries 2 each 35' and 24' extensions. hosebed runs behind dr's hi sides, and is a simple strait bed. Officer's side full depth cmpts- HUGE cmpt space!

                        Engine 562 2005 4Guys/ Spartan Gladiator 6 man rescue style pumper. 980 water/20 class A foam. 1750 gpm Hale. Class A foam system. dual front bumper crosslays for 1.75" lines. Crosslay for 250' 2.5". Dual rear discharges for 2.5" lines. ( leader line and long handline.) Remote control deck gun w/Extend-a-gun. Dual high side cmpts w/roll up doors. enclosed storage for ladders, hooks and suction along side the tank. (both sides) Rear ldh intke. Carries our back up Hurst tool. Primary engine company. Stainless steel body. Diamond plate hosebed cover. ( we got sick of accidentally laying ldh lines...) 1500-2000' 5" ldh.

                        Engine 563 1990 Pierce Lance 1500gpm Waterous/ 1000 gal tank. Aluminum body. 6 man cab. Currently being replaced.

                        Squad 566 2003(?) F450 4x4 w/a Stahl fiberglass cmpt body. Super cab. Behind each "3rd door" is room for turnouts; an airpack, and a tool. There is also a set of irons, 2 portable radios and 2 rechargeable handlights. Diamond plate coffins were added each side. A 5kw Honda gas generator is mounted in the center bed, and piped into the main exhaust pipe. A remote starter is in the cab. also holds a 6 bottle rack for spares. This truck is our primary EMS vehicle and carries full BLS gear. Trauma bag, 02 kit and spare tanks, LifePack defib, power suction, splints, burn kits, etc. Also carries backboards. Also has lock out kits, a toolbox, extinguishers, trash pumps, brooms and shovels, and cones. An Atv and trailer are also in the works, and this will be the tow vehicle. ( we cover a 450+ acre county park w/MILES of trails remote from the road- in use all year Not to mention lots of lakes.) A utility vehicle. Center bed is left mostly empty to haul "stuff" ( dirty, frozen hose; empty air bottles; equip to remote scenes etc)

                        567 A Chief's buggy. Most recently a Ford Expedition. Has a custom command box in the rear w/a writing desk etc. has room for the Chief's turnouts, and airpack, extinguisher, and a trauma bag and life pack. ( all dept vehicles carry a trauma bag and AED)

                        There is a separate combination Ambulance corps that handles transport, and primary EMS duty. They also provide ALS to us and the surrounding towns.
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                          Fleet composition:
                          Engines (4)
                          EE-11 2004 KME 1750 watrous w/ 750 tank ( 4 Wh. Dr.)
                          EE-12 1979 Mack CF 1500 watrous w/ 750 tank
                          EE-13 1998 Sutphen 1500 watrous w/ 750 tank
                          EE-14 1994 Pierce 1750 watrous w/ 750 tank (The bus - 10 man cab)

                          ET-111 2008 KME Quint 2000 Hale Q-Max w/ 300 tank - 100 Ft. Aerial Cat Platform

                          ER-112 2002 KME Heavy Rescue (4 Wh Dr.) Amkus PTO hydraulics & Hydraulic Gen.

                          ET-101 1991 Mack 2,000 gal w/ 3 quick dumps

                          Brush / Utility
                          EU-113 2009 Ford F-550 w/200 gal skid mount & pump 250 gpm
                          EU-114 1989 Ford F-250 Forest fire set-up with pump tanks and tools
                          John Deere Gator 40 gal tank w/50 gpm gasoline pump


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                            Apparatus Lineup

                            Volunteer Department, 36 members

                            Squad 1-2009 Rosenbauer/Spartan Gladiator-Rescue Engine,425bhp Cummins ISL, 1750 gpm Waterous CSU Side Mount, 750 gallon tank, 10 man cab, hydraulic generator, cascade system, light tower

                            Engine 3-2002 CustomFire/Spartan Gladiator-Pumper Tanker, 450bhp Cummins ISM, 1750 gpm Waterous CSU Enclosed Top Mount, 2500 gallon tank, 5 man cab, hydraulic generator

                            Engine 2-1996 Pierce Lance-Engine, 400bhp Series 60 Detroit, 1500 gpm Hale (forgot model) Enclosed Top Mount, 1000 gallon tank, 5 man cab, portable generator

                            Tanker 1-1990 Monroe Truck/International-Tender, 220bhp DT466,Darley Portable pump, 1850 gallon tank, portable generator

                            Brush 1-2005 Dodge 3500 4X4, Cummins Diesel, 200 gallon Air-Kwik

                            Car 1-2011 Ford F250 Crewcab 4X4, 6.2L gas


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                              2005 KME Engine - 1000 gal tank - 1250 gpm pump
                              1999 Mack Tanker - 4250 gal tank - 600 gpm pump - 10" swivel dump
                              2008 F-350 (Brush Truck) - 18 HP Honda pump - 235 gal tank - 10 gal foam tank
                              1997 Chevy Suburban (QRS)
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