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  • Fundraising

    On one of My Volly departments we use bingo as a source of fundraising for department equipment and such. And for the most part the bingo keeps the lights on the trucks running the Firefighters outfitted and everything running very smoothly at this department. On the other volly department I am on We have no sort of fundraising in place what so ever. We run strictly on what the County Government gives us and we do not charge for runs. The equipment is old and dated and most of it in need of replacement or repair. Most of the membership has a moral objection to gambling and will not do bingo which is fine whatever floats the boat. I was just wondering what are some things Your departments do to raise money
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    We have several fundraisers throughout the year. Our ambulance service does not charge and does not take tax money to operate. We run soley off donations and fundraisers and we have been blessed with that working well in the past. We have a population base of 1700 (city) and 1500 (rural). Here are a few of the things we do...

    Golf Tournament - Usually generates $5000/yr. (could be more if we ran it right)

    Soup Dinner - Works well in the winter months $2500

    Car and Truck Demolition Derby - $5000 (alot of work but, this will be our 2nd year of this, it should be bigger this year)

    Street Dance - $1000 - $5000 (did this for several years the beer sales is the money maker here, the bands got expensive though)

    Pancake feed - $1000 - $2000 (very little overhead)

    Just some ideas. The sky is the limit on fundraisers though. They do take alot of work and alot of dedication from your members.

    Good Luck

    Stay Safe


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      We're mostly living off what the district pays for. Our fundraising goes to keeping our social hall open (barely). So far the district has done well by us, so we haven't had the need to have a bake sale to put fuel in the trucks.

      We do a couple of chicken barbeques a year, as well as a couple of roast beef dinners and a breakfast just before Christmas (Santa also visits).

      Our biggest problem with fundraisers is getting our membership to show up and help out.

      We'd like to see more hall rentals, but that isn't happening. You'd be surprised how many people don't want hold their event in a "fire hall," even though our facility is every bit the equal to most of the other venues they could use in the area.
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        You'd be surprised what you can make with a golf scramble.
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          We have done the golf scramble. we did not do very well with it. I think it had more to do with the time date and location of the event. The only problem is the place that we held the event was the only place that would let us do it.

          I brought up the Demo derby and there were alot of guys that were really for it but then somebody brought up insurance issues and it sort of fell down by the wayside.

          Anyways guys thanks for the suggestions

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            In the past we've done pretty routine fundraisers (Roadblocks, Car Washes, Etc.) which have helped greatly, but I am getting together a Community Day. We'll have a Car Show (firetrucks only) there will be many games between the neighboring fire depts because around here, ego is what thrives (reason for firetrucks being in car show). lol We'll have an entry fee for firetrucks/depts and we'll have concessions, as well as games for the community that attends the event (dunk tank, pictures in a firetruck, Etc.) The community will have a chance to get up close to the trucks/equipment as well as meet the very guys/gals who protect them 24/7 (all volly depts)
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              Here is what we do to fund our department that is not gambling related:
              2 chicken bbq a year
              2 gun shows a year
              Community Safety fair (donations)
              Food booth at the county fair
              Food booth at a local heritage festival

              We also do a gun raffle, a ham party, a turkey party, and other raffles.

              Our tax money covers utilities, gas, and little else. Everything else comes from the fund raisers.


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                We're in the same boat... Local government takes care of us pretty well but we are still looking into fundraisers. It's so difficult getting people to commit an entire day to events, though.

                Anybody have experience in setting up Bingo? We've looked into it but it looks like a lot of hoops to jump through (tax-wise, etc) and seems like more trouble than it's worth.

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                  We ran Bingo for many years. With current state/tax/IRS reporting requirements....good luck.

                  We mail out a letter to all property owners explaining our needs. That does well.

                  We raffle a Harley motorcycle and trailer...nets us around $25k each year. We limit the raffle to 2500 tickets and sell them for $20 each. Has sold out 5 of the 7 years. Dealer we work with lets us have the bike and trailer and we send him payment as the tickets sell.
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                    My department does BBQs, Bingo, rents out the hall, potluck dinners, Santa fundraiser, birthday parties, etc.


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                      A Great Idea

                      This past weekend, I went to a local Fire house for a funraiser- They had a RoastBeef dinner- (they cooked themselves) and Beer and soda - $75 per couple- but they had a Comedy Night- they brought in a group that ran it- It was great- they had over 200 people and they got donations from Bagel store, pizza, Hair cut, local Rest, and sold raffle tickets, and a 50/50- People brought snacks and wine- It was a GREAT time and they raised a lot of money. FDcomic.com or something-


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                        My department does quite a few chicken BBQs a year, some bigger than others. We do a dinner with Santa, breakfast with the easter bunny, and the usual boot drops when we have the extra people to help. We also get donations from our annual fund drive and our township's Lion's Club.
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                          Tool Bash ~$6k
                          Harley Raffle ~$30k
                          Golf Outing ~$3k

                          Those are the major ones. We are supported by our borough who owns our building and apparatus, and covers the majority of expenses.


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                            Fire tax on homeowners and busnisses pays the district budget. Currently 1.75 million.This buys tools, equipment,trucks and pays the maintenance on the firehouse , gas and diesel for everything and training and travel expenses in state.
                            Fundraising keeps our social non profit organazation funded. We usually do a letter camapaign during the summer, gets all the summer residents. Thats good for 40,000. Afternoon food and cocktail party with cash and basket raffel. 20,000. Motorcycle and or car raffle 25,000 each. Sometimes a comedy show with a bbq. 10,000. 2% fire insurance money 80,000.


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                              We do a few fundraisers per year - mainly, obviously, in the summer when weather permits. Not a lot of people want to hit a bbq in -20C January weather...

                              That said, I believe the local chiefs in the area have started to get out of the fundraising business and put pressure on the municipality to properly fund us - their argument being that this is an essential service, and asking people who already volunteer their own personal time to fundraise as well as train and respond to incidents is flat-out unfair to the members of the various vollie stations.

                              Interestingly, they are actually getting somewhere with this argument.... which is shocking given the usual pushback from gov't that they can't afford it while simultaneously giving huge taxcuts and bailouts to private business....


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