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Thought some of you might enjoy this...

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  • Thought some of you might enjoy this...

    I'm a little late posting this but I made two videos of our department's 1947 Dodge Fire Truck while we were cleaning her up for parade season.



    This truck has a lot of history with us - it's the first "real" fire truck that our county purchased and we were fortunate enough to keep it all of these years. It went out of service in the late 70s and sat there and rusted until a bunch of our guys got together and restored it. The main person in charge of that restoration was killed in a car accident in the late 90s so we always drive it in remembrance of him.

    As the title said, thought some of you would enjoy seeing the old dog.


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    Great job guys! It's always cool to have a old apartatus and compare them to what we have now, the fire industry has come very far.


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      We had a similar model truck, with a front mount pump, but that was before my time and I've never even seen a picture of it.

      We still have our first engine - a 1932 Sanford 3N "Cub". She's in storage right now - just not enough interest to really bring her in and baby her.
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        My department has a 28 Ford Graham we're starting to restore, plus our 1889 hose cart is currently being repainted. Both sat in storage up until this year when a group of us at the station took the initiative to get them back up and looking good.

        Your's looks real sharp. Great job on restoring it and a nice way to remember a fellow fire fighter. Kudos!


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          Very nice. We have our hand pumper that we bought in 1906. I'm not sure what the year it is but I think its from the 1850s. We pull it in the fourth of July parade every year. www.wfdca.org


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            Good job guys. It's always nice to see old apparatus being restored and maintained. We still have a fully functioning Ford\Bean fire engine that looks alot like the one in your black\white photo.

            Our dept has a 1929 Chevrolet motorized hose wagon that was purchased by the dept locally in 1929. It remained in use until the late 60's. We recently repainted it and we use it in parades and fire muster events.

            Here it is with our hose cart
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