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    well I am on the road to becoming a career firefighter, so of course my primary goal is getting on a paid station so I just have a couple questions about volunteering...

    First, I suppose would be the main one. I live in DFW, so does anyone know of a volunteer fire department in the area? I have heard that Dallas has a volunteer group but not for sure (and if no one know off the top of their head is there a list of volunteer fire departments on the web someone has a link to and I can do some leg work on my own).

    Next, how do paid departments view volunteering when you go an interview? Do they see it as experience gained and expect you to leave the volunteer department if you get hired on, or do they expect you to leave? I know this will primarily depend (like anything else) on the department you work for but as a majority how do they see it?

    And last.... If you go into a volunteer department with the intentions on gaining experience to get on a paid department do most volunteer depts. see you as just being there as a means to an end or are you generally accepted among everyone?

    If this is a good way to get experience for a paid department I would love to do it, but I dont want to do anything (obviously...) that would hinder my chances to maybe put me in a bad light with people I would be working around while volunteering. And keep in mind, I wouldn't be volunteering as a "means to an end" I want to be a firefighter to help people and help the community whether its taking EMS calls to the retirement home to take grandma to the hospital on my only three calls every week or if its working a fire every day. So I want to help any way I can, but I also have to look at the long run too would this help in the career I so desperately want.

    I would never use a group of people or an organization purely for personal gain but if it would help, why not. Sorry if this was long winded, I just didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea of what I would be trying to do.


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    Up on a line above you name on the right is a section called "Department Profiles".

    Open that and type in texas or whatever state you are looking for and hit apply.

    You will have to look for an area, town, county, near the place you mentioned.
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