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    Originally posted by Blulakr View Post
    No, in my opinion. For several reasons.
    Well, I think I should have explained myself a little more. Maybe our view on Volly FD's is completely different. But, Here is what I was trying to say... When it comes to training, we should train just as much (if not more) than a paid FF. After all, we don't get the hands on expirence as often as a full time guy to keep up with our skills. Training is sometimes the only way we can stay abreast. I would never expect a volly dept. to staff thier station 24/7, that is crazy, you are right there!

    As for responding to calls, we don't require our guys to respond to every call. Our bylaws state you must participate in 1/3 of the alarms or have 10 hours per year of in house training (we average 150-200 calls per year, fire and EMS). Our view on that bylaw is that if you don't do either of those things you run the risk of not being farmiliar with how the department operates on scenes or how the guy you are behind entering a house operates. We want our guys farmiliar with how everyone of us work and what is expected of them before that large structure fire call (that we get once a year) comes out and we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off! Just my take, take it for what it is worth! Have a Good one!



    "Let no mans ghost come back to say his training let him down."


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      As has been said, there are more than one side to most discussions.

      My first question would be, "what was this guy like before he got elected?" Further, was he just an average member with no propensities to such behavior? Did this newfound power go to his head, or was he an idiot prior? Does he have enough years in the department that he should know better?

      The way the department is described, it sounds like it is an independent NFP organization, thus is only under such constraints as the contract with the covered community may provide. If it's a municipal department, the guy is clearly overstepping his bounds by making unilateral purchases.

      I would submit that unless this guy is totally out of touch with the entire department, a few respected members (with level heads) take him aside and educate him. I'm sure you've got a few 'old heads' who would qualify.

      I've dealt with folks like this - both as elected officers and as "opinion leaders." The elected officers have accepted criticism and improved. The "opinion leaders" fear that their influence may be lessened and simply hunker down. One has suggested in the past that our by-laws should be "advisory" as opposed to the "law of the land," and that "they ask too much of us" with regard to training. Bearing in mind that the reason for the statements was getting the entire department through ICS100/700 (what, two hours, three tops?), and the pending throwing out of several members who hadn't attended any department activity for a couple of years (but were drinking buddies of the aforementioned member).

      You are not alone in your quandry. Remember why you joined in the first place (hopefully to help your community) and know that folks like your chief eventually get frustrated when nobody will follow and leave.

      Oh, and white space is your friend. A little tip - read your post aloud. Any time you have to stop and take a breath, put in a paragraph break...
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      Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

      Everyone goes home. Safety begins with you.


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        Originally posted by slackjawedyokel View Post
        You refer to the Chief as "chief napolean" --- have you met him ? Again there are 3 sides to every situation.
        Since the original poster did not post the fire dept., location, name of the chief or other particulars, I regard this post as a hypothetical situation.

        I mentioned that the poster should check the bylaws and policies of the authority having jurisdiction (city ,etc), to see if the chief is violating them, when spending money (ie. taxpayer funding, etc.). If the poster cannot find any violations that the chief is committing, then the chief is probably operating within his capacity. If the chief is violating the bylaws, city policy, etc, then the poster has a cause for concern.

        A former FD that I was a member of, had a fellow move up the ranks and eventually became chief. Even before the fellow became chief, he had an ego and tried to knock anyone down that was in his "way". Eventually he became chief and caused alot of havoc that became a legend for his misdoings. That included spending money. Last year, this particular FD had a social gathering, I attended to visit with the members I served with. A former chief gave this particular former chief, Chief Napolean, his name for the simple fact he pushed too many members overboard with his ruthless doings. Believe me, if you have a Chief Napolean, it will be damage the FD beyond repair.

        We are in the fire service to serve, not serve ourselves.


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          This dept has been around for 20 years, and the chief was one of the original members. He is retired from an industrial facility, where he was a member of the fire brigade, so he should know how to conduct himself.

          Our dept has bylaws which indicate that meetings are to follow Roberts Rules of order. After 4 years, he should know them front and back.

          The consensus is tired of feeling like we have to hold his hand, and watch him mutter thru. Every week when he has a day off, he goes to chat with the county fire marshal. He receives "orders", comes to the meeting, flips the script, and then no one knows what is going on, which is one of the reasons we have 5 trucks in a 3 bay station - STILL.

          Thank you all for your advice. Most of it I have considered, but with a limited membership, and few options for another chief, I have come to the conclusion that I will be looking for another station. I know that is the easy way out, but I dont feel as though things will get any better without the removal of a few key members.

          Stay safe brothers


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            Sometimes a change of scenery will help heal the discontent...Dont bet on it... That is not sarcasm, that is reality.

            It is unfortunate that the lines of communication have evaporated.

            No man is an island and no fire department is just a bunch of guys. It takes a leader who will work with others and it takes a fair amount of teamwork to accomplish anything on the fireground or in the station.

            I feel your pain in more ways than you'll ever know, but life goes on. Cooperation is the ultimate key along with getting everyone, and I mean everyone on the same page. This is what SOPs, SOGs, and Bylaws are for. If you are not all playing the tune from the same sheet of music then it will sound like [email protected]#T.

            You have one other option before you go, (maybe), and that is to put your grievience in writting. No, not a gripe letter, rather a list of problems you and others see and proposed solutions to the problems. It does not mean the powers that be will bow to your wishes, but it might open the dialogue a bit more, especially if there is a majority of the membership endorsing the document. Oh, the flipside is the powers that be may hate you for this and boot your a** out the door... Cant please em all.
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            A coward stands by and watches wrongs committed without saying a word...Any opinions expressed are purely my own and not necessarily reflective of the views of my former departments


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