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    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking about looking into a local FD's nights/weekends volunteer program, but at the same time, I'm testing for some other departments. I don't want to sign up and get on board as a volunteer and then just up and leave when I get a full time position.

    Any thoughts on this? I know the volunteer program would be good experiance and I would enjoy serving my community, but I'm not sure how that would work if I got on someplace 6 months after volunteering.


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    I don't see anything wrong with that IF, and it's a big "IF" you are totally upfront with the VFD........
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      If you apply to that FD, make sure you bring up the fact that you are applying for full-time positions at other FD's.

      While some FD's may hesitate to accept you, as you would be leaving in the near future, some would accept you knowing you are committed to the fire service.

      What does happen to some VFD's, is that members join and the VFD spends money to train the members (certifications, etc.) and the members leave. This turnover and cost of training may hamper your efforts if you say upfront that you are looking for a career position.

      If you do already have some training (certifications, etc.), let the VFD know this when you apply. They may be more willing to accept you, if you already have the training (certifications, etc.)

      If you are accepted and participate in this night/weekend program, you can use this VFD for a reference, when applying with full-time FD's.

      To recieve good references, you must show you are a good firefighter. Whatever duties you are required to complete during this night/weekend program, give 300% of your effort. That would be responding to calls, participating in training and hall duties (cleaning, etc.).

      Good luck in your endeavors!


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        Local union practices notwithstanding, why quit the vollie department? I know a lot of guys who do both. You just can't do it in the same department.
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          I would do it and get yourself some experience.

          Originally posted by Gambit7 View Post
          I don't want to sign up and get on board as a volunteer and then just up and leave when I get a full time position.
          This was my plan..... 4 years ago and I am still trying to get a full time position. With the way hiring has slowed down it would be great to get hired right away, but depending on where you are testing it might not come as soon as you have in mind.

          However, to go along with what the others have said, my chief has known that this was my intention. I even put him down as a reference once. He's a good guy, but also realistic in that he understands that a lot of his volunteers want to move into a career (with his dept or anywhere they can).

          Good luck with whatever you do. Paid or not, it's still the best job in the world!

          Edit: I'm gonna try to stay on, like tree was suggesting, when I do eventually get a paid spot, but depending on how it goes it might just be too much.
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            Yup, you should become a volley. I doubt you will get hired in 6 months.


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              Thanks everyone for your replies. I'll go talk to them about volunteering, and I will be totally up front with the fact that I plan on pursuing this as a full time career somewhere else. But I will also keep in mind the fact that once I get through Fire academy and stuff, I might be able to keep volunteering (as long as I still live near that town).

              We'll see how that works out.


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