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What to wear under bunker gear???

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  • What to wear under bunker gear???

    Hello Everyone! I am part of my local volunteer department. I am currently finishing up my Structure Academy and we are doing our burn in a few days... I am a girl and the only one in the area so the men have no true answers for my questions...

    I had a question about piercings and nails..

    I know what clothes to wear - or not to wear - but I have a nose piercing with a small stud and I am not sure if I need to take it out while in the fire? I am guessing it will get hot, but there are mixed feelings about it at my station.

    Also, I have fake (acrylic) nails... Do they need to be removed before I go in the burn? Will they melt with my gloves on or am I ok to keep them on?


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    The heat is not your real worry... if its THAT hot, your in big trouble.

    However.. I've seen earrings get pulled through the earlobe because someone ripped off their hood after coming out of a fire and forgot. The nose thing... probably not a big worry.

    As for the nails, they won't melt but can you really work with them on? Simple test: Go into your garden and dig a small hole with your bare hands.
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      I have had a few people report over the years that earrings, nose studs, cheek studs, (face jewelry) seem to become hot. I have not seen anything that resembles a burn from this.

      I have not seen any report that indicates this is an issue. I suppose it is possible for a metal object to increase in temperature from ambient heat, and certainly it will do so through convection or radiation. But if you are that close and not protected, you have bigger issues to worry about.

      The nails might be a bigger problem for you. If they are exposed to enough heat or flame, they might shrink and melt to your fingers; compare to polyester when it burns. Just make sure your gloves fit and you most likely won't have an issue.
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        I don't know that there has ever been a problem, but I know that policy for training burns for FF1 and FF2 classes is no jewelry. That includes piercings of any kind, necklaces, bracelets etc.

        Can't speak to fake nails, but it would seem to cause problems inside the gloves.


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          Ok. I am a (female) firefighter. I will TRY to help.

          I have natural nails. In healthcare, the general rule is that if you hold your hands vertically, the nails should extend no longer than your fingertip.

          Bear with me....

          I have found that often I end up breaking or bending a nail on the fireground, even with my nails per healthcare regs.
          If your nails do not bend or break away, it will hurt the nailbeds and it can hurt pain wise too.

          I suspect that will be an issue with your fake nails much sooner than if you are in a hot fire, at least in these early days of your firefighting.

          Only you can decide what you are going to do about your nails, if there is no policy.
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            I would deffinatly not keep fake nails on. they will get in the way in both training and in the field. and as a person with an ear pierced. I wouldnt wear a piercing either, dont want it to get snagged on anything


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