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    Our department is looking into Class B and/or Class A uniforms for our members. We would like some sort of uniform as well for Pub Ed and station tours. Our problem (as is everyone's I am sure ) is funding. Equipment takes priority but we would like to improve our professionalism by wearing something other than a t-shirt, hat and jeans to a school safety talk, etc. Are there grants or alternative funding measures out there that anyone knows about? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you.
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    5.11 Tactical pants and a station tee.

    number of members x cost = fundraiser goal


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      Hate to be a gloomy gus ...

      However, in this climate where departments are often struggling to put turnout gear on their members, I really don't see any hope of getting a grant for uniforms.

      My suggestion would be decide on an inexpensive pant, like Dickies, and possibly fund the members shirts. That is what we do, and we are facially stable.
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        For about $5-6 more than a silkscreened tee, your local silkscreen shop can probably turn out a very nice golf shirt. Ours are less than $20 and include a department logo on the front and "Ourtown Fire" on the back.

        For an added kick, see if your silkscreen shop can do them with the reflective ink that's now available.

        Consider going half with your members on the shirts - if they have some money in it they'll be less likely to wear it while they're changing the oil in their car.

        Our members pay for their own shirts (which the department orders), but not everyone has one. But not everyone wants one. We also went out for some "class A" shirts, to be worn with black pants. Even though the department paid for them in full, not everyone wanted one.

        Dickies pants and some black shoes round out the combo.

        For $12 or less per, you can probably get some ballcaps done at the same place. I recently got some done embroidered with the department initials and number on the front (OT68FD) and our nickname around the opening on the back for a little less than $10 per.
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          The golf shirt is a good idea.

          We have a duty polo which is a single color white on blue silkscreen which we wear while on duty (paid staff0 or riding out (volunteers). That shirt runs our volunteers about $18.00.

          We also have a polo which is not meant for everyday use, but it is worn to outside classroom trainings, meetings and the like. It's the same shirt but has a actual patch on it and name and rank. That shirt runs about $35.00.

          Each volunteer member is issued 1 short-sleeve button down shirt. Senior Firefighters are also issued a long sleeve button down and tie.

          Career members are initially issed several of each and they are replaced (as well as all other shirts) out of the uniform allowance as needed by the member.
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            Here is what we do with my volunteer department:

            Everyone gets one t-shirt per year. Any additional t-shirts will cost the member.

            We had some polo shirts embroidered last year. Members paid out of pocket if they wanted one.

            For our class A uniforms, the department pays for everything above the waist. Shirt, badge, brass and nameplate. Members pay for pants, belt, and shoes. Clearly the department takes the brunt of the cost.

            Anything else is up to the members. Hats, jackets, jobshirts, etc.
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