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  • Donating turnout gear

    Our volunteer dept is pretty rual and has an explorer post that is fairly new. We have 9 great guys on the post, being one myself as their captain we are looking for turnout grear thats two piece the gear we have now is old falling apart and most of it doesnt match. We were wondering if there is anyone out there that can help us out.

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    On a complete side note, to start out with:

    You will find that you get a much better response, both on these forums and in general, if you use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc and proof-read what you write. It gives others the impression that what you are writing is important enough to you to put the effort in to make it right, which will make it more important to them to the put the effort in to reply. It also makes you look a bit smarter, and a bit less lazy.

    In regards to the explorer post:

    Congratulations on having and being involved in an explorer post. We don't really anything similar in Canada, or at least not in any of the parts of it I've lived in. From what I hear, it is something I wish we (would have) had.

    From what I understand of the explorers, though, is that you are not old enough to participate in any calls, in any capacity that would require up-to-date, compliant structural turnout gear. IDLH environments are definitely out, and it for most departments, anything within the collapse zone is out. So, that leaves administrative type tasks (accountability), staging, rehab, and traffic. With the exception of traffic, those can all be done in street clothes, and traffic simply requires the addition of a safety vest. Long story short: There are allot of departments that don't have quality turnout gear for their active members, so don't expect to get good turnouts donated to an explorer post.

    As for it matching, several of our active members (volunteer department) have non-matching gear (black pants, yellow coat), but I can certainly say that it has not hampered their ability to train or respond.

    Enjoy the explorer post, get as much training as you can, and work on the things that matter - learning all you can about the fire service, getting a good work ethic, and learning to work on a team. Those three will serve you far better in the future than looking good in matching turnout gear will.

    Good luck,


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