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push ups? pullups? exercises

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  • push ups? pullups? exercises

    what exercises or weight training should I do to become better at pull ups and push ups?

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    This isn't a Smart @ss answer:

    Push ups and Pull ups.

    These exercises are to be done in high reps (aka getting better). The only way to do that is to A. Have the strength and B. Have the nervous system(NS) trained and ready to go. The strength comes a lot quicker then the NS. If you can do 1-3 pull ups, you have the strength to do 10 from what I've seen. You have to get the synapses on your body up in numbers and better at firing off. Synapses are these little junctions between nerves and muscles where the nerve stimulates the muscle to fire. More of these = more firing = more reps. You can now see why strength, although a factor, is sometimes focused on more then it should be.

    Now that you know the very basic science you probably wanna know how to train synapses or the NS. Its exactly like shooting a basketball or playing an instrument. You just gotta keep doing it and doing it and doing it. Think of it as practice not working out. This is what a lot will call "Greasing the Groove." This means you do anywhere from 50-80% of your max throughout the day. IE: If you can only do 3 pull ups your sets throughout the day would be about 2. But if you can do 8, they'd only be 5, generally the higher the max, the closer to 50% you stay (and vice-versa) throughout the day. One way people adapt this is to do a set every hour. Another way is to do "in and outs" pick a doorway or room that you go in and out of (doorway pull up bars make this perfect) Every time you go IN you do a set of pull ups, every time you go OUT you do some push ups; staying at 50-80% still. If you're like me and work loooong days then pull ups like this is almost impossible. Guys like us can do what some call ladders (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH PYRAMIDS). Ladders work like this: do a set of 1, rest about 10 seconds for each rep or as long as it took you to do that set, then do 2 (so rest for around 20 secs) then do a set of 3 and so on til you feel like if you tried the next rung you would fail. Keep going until you feel like you would fail on the next set. Example your first ladder goes 1,2,3,4,5 then 1,2,3,4 x 2, then 1,2,3 then 1,2 x 2, then 1, then you feel smoked-youre done. this totals in about the same amount of reps as the greasing the groove would bring. Rest about a minute between ladders. You can do these for push ups too just increase the increment. Use "rungs" of 2-5. IE you do 2,4,6,8,10 or 4,8,12,16,20.

    The thing I find the easiest is to do push ups every hour throughout the day since you can do them anywhere if you're willing to deal with some weird looks. Then do pull up ladders at night. If you are really ballsy, check out the push up program link. It works.

    Let me know what your max is in each event and I can recommend further advice. Or let me know if you need more explanation.


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      The following website has many great exercise programs that utilize bodyweight exercises such as pushups and pullups exclusively. I used a book that Stew Smith wrote to prepare for helicopter rescue swimmer school in the Navy 7 years ago and I always scored at the top of all physical tests because of it. Make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew at the beginning. Do what you can at first and follow the recommendations for increasing reps and make sure to take the suggested amount of rest. Good luck.


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        Good info from my FLA brother and bragg.

        Here's the program used by Major Charles Lewis -Armstrong to prepare himself to attempt a world record in number of pullups completed in a single exercise session.

        Happy hanging.

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          Wow- and this is not a smart @ss comment:

          FLA1786- That is a great answer and explanation!

          Dr. Jen
          Dr. Jen


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            Originally posted by Drjmilus View Post
            Wow- and this is not a smart @ss comment:

            FLA1786- That is a great answer and explanation!

            Dr. Jen
            haha thanks!


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              I don't understand the city is wasting money on candidates doing the med/psych priot to the CPAT. If they lose 30% of candidates at CPAT, why spend the $ on the phych and med on people first? All of my friends on the job all took the physical prior to med/psych....Urinalysis is way more expensive than CPAT for the city,

              Does anyone have an inside track on the change in Philosophy?
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